Hit my 20K SPS stake - that SHOULD do me for Chaos...

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2 years ago - 2 minutes read

Well I just hit my minimum SPS stake target before even the announcement of Chaos Legion, and that's 20K SPS.....

Screenshot 20210913 at 17.53.44.png

There's currently 78, 000, 000 staked so that gives me 0.025% of the pool.

I want a $10K in, and working on an estimated price of $2.50 a pack that means I want to purchase 4000 packs in the pre-sale. If the price is $3 - I'll be buying nearer 3300.

At my current 0.025% share, it would only take a pre-sale release of 200K packs, for me to be able to buy a maximum of 5K packs, which gives me plenty of wiggle-room at the pack price I'm expecting.

At the moment I think it's looking pretty likely that I'll be able to get as many packs as I want, however there's A LOT of liquid SPS kicking around out there, and my share could EASILY go down to 0.01%, in which case I'd need a pre-sale release of nearer 400K packs to to allow me to get my 'in'.

I think I'll be OK - a few thousand of that liquid SPS is mine so I can up my stake if required, and I can always purchase some pre-sale tokens to make up for any surplus.

I'm not sure how many packs will be in the pre-sale, I can't imagine it would be less than 200K, but 500K sounds a bit on the steep side - I mean these packs are supposed to LAST for a while, aren't they?!?

Of course it the price is a lot higher than my current $3 upper estimate, I don't think I'm going to have to worry too much about staking any more SPS, I'll have plenty! I can't imagine the price would too much over $3 per pack as that would just send the price of SPS and DEC plummeting as people sell to buy, unless there's a REALLY tight pre-sale release.

It's all fun and games, but ATM 20K staked and a little liquid feels about the right to allow for the kind of Vest I want.

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