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I finally found a moment to respond to @leofinance's call to action.

You know my main focus is marketing and I just had to find the time to write this post!

But enough talk and let's start answering!



On Leofinance you have an infinite number of opportunities every day!

I can earn money by sharing my experiences and knowledge, giving my time to others and creating content that will be useful to users.

I can talk about a project that I find interesting and give reasons why I think it is worthwhile.

I can make detailed guides on everything related to the world of cryptocurrencies and interact with users and their questions, not making my content static but dynamic and interactive.

I can share my thoughts and clash with those of others to build a dialogue and be able to see my thoughts from other points of view.

I can find quality content that I would not find elsewhere, indexed, ordered, and on the same content I can listen to a large number of voices and compare the authors' conclusions.

I can discover authors, see their articles and interact with them at 360 degrees, and see their growth over time.

I can absolutely earn in monetary terms, but most importantly I can gain experience in every field by being able to relate to people.

Leofinance pays for your time.



Leofinance is one of the few realities that has really understood what from my point of view is an absolutely sacred concept, the rewarding of users' time, it is the only individual currency, with limited supply and infinite value.

If you decide to dedicate your time to leofinance it will be rewarded sooner or later, and your post, your comment and your interaction will be recognised.

Leofinance has no boundaries



Leofinance doesn't look at who you are in the outside world, where you come from, what your mother tongue is or what your job is, the only thing that counts is your thinking and your ability to create good content, your CV has no value here, what really counts are your skills and your thinking.

Leofinance is a family



When I log in and enter my profile on leofinance I have a very different feeling than in any other interface on the web.

I feel at home.

There's none of the things that annoy me on the internet and traditional social networks, there's no hate or venting of frustrations on others, there's no useless content that just wastes my time waiting to find something I'm really interested in, there's no politics, racism, political correctness or content that makes me put my hands in my hair.

In leofinance there is seriousness and respect among users, we are all united and we are all part of this ecosystem, all that rubbish here has no place and is not fit to stay.

Furthermore, by logging in and seeing the new content presented daily by my favourite authors I feel I know them as people I talk to in real life, it doesn't matter if what I see is just an avatar and a post, over time what develops is much more.

Maybe I went off-topic

I probably went off-topic, it used to happen to me in school and I think I made the same mistake today.

It doesn't matter.

I could have talked about a lot more as I often do from a technical point of view, how token issuance works, how it's extremely convenient to write on leofinance and my profits over time, the opportunities related to leofinance like Cubfinance and how I think it's a great deal to get into CUB right now before the airdrop of PolyCub and the upcoming IDOs.

But I think the whole business side has been very much addressed by my LEO friends and I wanted to bring a more personal content, on balance, on leofinance I am free to do that too.

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