Don't tell me I am Late - May I Come In Splinterlands?

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2 years ago - 2 minutes read

I registered with Splinterlands back in July 2020. Don't ask me why I did not play the game. I was busy playing @dcity NFT card games. And, I asked my good friend @cmplxty today- is it too late for me to join the splinter party? He is always smiling- that's how I feel when I read his comments - and told me - it's not too late.

So, I decided to join and purchase assets. I am a complete noob when it comes to splinter battles, cards, skins, land plots and many other aspect of the game. I did not have patience to learn those rules and attributes. Like in any other FOMOing, I wanted to buy something that allows me in the game.

I staked tiny bit of SPS few weeks ago. I did not realize that the staking will count towards voucher distribution. Well, the voucher is something players would need to buy the new pack the game is introducing. image.png

As I understand correctly, vouchers are another attribute of the game that will give you early access to the chaos legion card pack. So, I decided to go for the pack today. I wanted to have a good collection of cards when it drops on December 8. That will be enough time for me to learn how to battle and rise through the ranks. image.png

I have read so many posts on how rental market is hot with the flow of incoming players. I tried out renting card as well to experiment how it works.

I know that I will not actively play the game. But, it would be interesting if I could invest in the game to remain relevant for the airdrops and potential increase my portfolio. I will never be a whale as big as @nealmcspadden but I will try to size up. I wish I followed him in those gaming videos. I listened to him on Leo AMAs and invested more on Leofinance :)

That impulse buying I did today gave me 41 chaos legion pack. I don't what should I do with that now. But, I will be waiting for the unveiling on December 8.

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