Dropshipping: An Example Product Page

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Hey everyone. I haven't been able to post nearly as much as I would have wanted to over the last few days. I am still quite behind on a lot of things including @dunksocial and even on my side business relating to nightlife because I have been working around 65 hours a week for the last two weeks now. No excuses though, I could still be doing more with my free time even if I'm a bit worn down, so I will be continuing to do what I can and going after it with more motivation than I have the last two weeks.


One thing that I have just gotten back to working hard on is my dropshipping side hustle. I think that the Youtube videos I've watched have really undersold how much work it is to get off the ground, and likely have provided non-attainable/ unrealistic goals regarding profits when you first start, but regardless it is most definitely possible to make money dropshipping.

I thought I would share a little update of what my store is looking like by showing a sample product page that I have put together. The product page is the most important page for your store because it is where you will direct traffic from your advertisements.

Here is a look down one of my product pages. It is a fork that allows you to cut a melon or other fruit pretty easily. It has a huge markup as I am getting each unit for around $3-$4 and seeking to flip it for around $13, hopefully I am able to get some traction for it when I start doing my ads as I have seen the product all over Instagram lately.

The guys I watch on Youtube recommend structuring a product page like this because the gifs and pictures grab the attention of a user well when they see the benefits highlighted right before and after in bigger font.

I will continue to share how I do and will hopefully be running ads by the end of the week after I put together three more product pages. I wanted to get five solid products total because I want the store to seem official and not just carry one trending product. Additionally there are apps you can install such as frequently bought together that I hope will lead to some increased sales!

If you have any questions about dropshipping check out AC Hampton on Youtube or ask me (though I am of course no expert). Good luck with all your side hustles and goals!

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