Finally Making Progress! - Facebook Ads Are Active

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10 months ago - 3 minutes read

That Was Not Easy

Here is a link to my dropshipping store so you can check it out as I build it and grow it through my experiment! Store

I think that one of the heaviest barriers to entry for anything is the fact that when you first start out there is so much you don't understand. It is not that it is incredibly difficult or that you aren't capable, it's just the fact that it is so new and you have to get comfortable with it before you feel confident in it.

I have been pushing off creating my Facebook ads campaign for my dropshipping store because it is not intuitively comfortable to start setting up. In addition to the numerous terms you have to learn, there is a ton of work to be done when connecting your storefront to your ad account and your ad account to your pixel (the tool that allows you to analyze data coming from user traffic), etc.

Today, I finally made the decision that I needed to get it done. Not only did I set that goal, but I also went ahead and bought a yearly subscription to Shopify to make sure that I got myself moving. Now that I had a firm monetary investment to go along with the time and effort that I have sunk into learning how to do this, I was ready to sit down and suffer through the setup process to get it moving.

Fine Tuning

Now the ad set that I was able to release after a ton of grunt work and trial and error working my way through the connections is simply a rough draft. It is a very basic ad set that I plan on fine tuning and adding more descriptive details to. However, to link your accounts, Facebook requires a previous payment to be made.

I figured I would kill two birds with one stone by paying $10 to run a very basic ad set to get a baseline of how the most simple ads possible perform for the store while simultaneously linking my accounts by meeting that minimum spending threshold.

My ads are very simple as they are just GIFs showing a watermelon slicer and a dog rolling around in a watermelon respectively. I am also not 100% sure that I have set the ads up in an optimal way but that is of course why I am testing them. I plan on watching some Youtube videos later to compare with my results based on how they set their ads up.

So far I have spent around a cent per user that saw my ad, while around only 2 users have actually followed through and clicked on it. I will be running this for 24 hours and would be pleasantly surprised to see any sales. What I really want to see is how the ad sets perform with just a small budget and see what the bottom line of performance is. I will then work on some ads that I will make myself and put a lot of effort into while using the data I have acquired from this test to choose my audience and target geographic regions.

I am hoping that I see some good engagement even if there is not a sale as it would be a positive reinforcement for me seeing that if I put the work in I will start to see some flow of customers. This exercise is something that a lot of the people I watched on Youtube do as they fine tune and optimize their ad sets.

I am also thinking about finding a more optimal product to serve as the one I advertise than my melon cutter fork, but by practicing now I should be in a much better position when I find that product to get some sales out of it.

I'll let you all know how things go. It's all a bit scary and new and I may end up losing a few hundred dollars trying, but it is better to give it a shot than to sit around and do nothing and wish I did.

Let's see how this test goes!

Thanks, Rob

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