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a year ago - 1 minutes read

This is the first time I've used Hivestats, and I loaded it eager to find out what it said about my account.

The first thing I noticed my curation apr%:


2.98% - streuth, that's low! I imediately checked out the stats of some random Hivers. Some are earning curation apr of as much as 9.2%. So I'm clearly doing something very wrong.

Scrolling down my stats, I came to "Pending curation rewards", which had a column called "Efficiency". This was clearly the root of my problem, as most of the time my efficiency was less than 100%.

I couldn't find a definition of Efficiency - but I'm guessing it has something to do with voting in the first 24 hours of a post with as close to 100% voting power. And doing the maximum number of votes.

So I shall be experimenting in the next week to get my curation apr up.


A very useful tool which has already given me a lot to think about. No doubt I'll be discovering other useful features in Hivestats in the weeks to come.

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