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Hi Hivers, IMG_20221108_220535.jpg

Journey through out on #hive has been up and down, things has not been Rossy as I wish or I thought and maybe this could be a motivation to newbies on hive community. It is not longer a news that for Blockchain to survive it needs everybody input, sadly I think I have not been doing well enough from my own ends,in the sense that rather than investing my earnings on hive by powering up and by supporting other community project, but I have been exchanging my rewards and after having a heart to heart talk with @galenkp makes me to realise why do I need to asked for people's help when I can actually build up myself. So I started this πŸ‘‡ IMG_20221108_213733.jpg

I have learnt about hive @PUD but sadly I have never partake in it but I believe is not only on Hive PUD one is expected to power up. As you can power up anytime,by so doing its a win win for I myself and #hive Blockchain. So today I partook in powering up my 9.0hive, not only did I power up, I also set a goal of reaching atleast 2000 hiver power {HP} by next year. So I took a clue from my conversation with @galenkp and am following the advice he gave me that I need to always power up and also engaged in other peoples post and communities.


So my aim right now is to start powering up and also engaging in other peoples post and be consistent. By next year I should have atleast 2000 HP and even above. May God help. I really appreciate heart to heart talk @galenkp discussed with me, let's build hive, am here to make it great always. Thank always

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