Ali Express Dropshippers Can Earn 6.3% Cashback in Bitcoin on Purchases

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2 years ago - 1 minutes read

So a crypto project that's been on my radar for a while has been Storm X. Storm X is a cashback shopping site or rebate site, however the interesting twist is you get back back, but in crypto, either BTC, LTC, ETH, DAI, STMX or YFI.

It's similar to other cashback shopping portals, just shop through their portal and be rewarded with cashback. Different stores offer different percentages, eBay is around 2% where as Adidas is 15%. I did however notice some popular dropshipping suppliers such as Ali Express at 6.3%, DHGate, and Walmart. Figured this could be a way for dropshippers to juice their margins a bit extra by getting some crypto cashback.

Those interested in checking out the platform can do so here...


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