How Web3 Changes Users' Financial Status

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Reading through @khaleelkazi web3 narratives as the article reveals the huge opportunities around the web3 and how he charges many of us to reveal the benefit we have derived from this technology, it is certain that the points mentioned are very valid especially how @leofinance has been able to navigate to the chain and connect to users in the space.


As it was mentioned, content creation, community tokenization, the evolution of social media, amazing use case of NFTs, and blockchain are the real deal in web3 narratives and sincere, I've taken available by each of them.

How Web3 Changes Financial Status Of Many Users

Hive platform exists like a project that already spent 20 years when you look at what it has covered in less than 3 years. In case you are not aware of what Hive is but if you are reading this article on this platform you already have little understanding about this platform as it's designed intended to store vast amounts of content and to make it available for time-based monetization as the WP reveals this. The multiple front-end in the form of communities brought in amazing rewards to the users. A user can create one content and have the opportunity to get rewarded with multiple tokens, as each community have a token that backed them.

Hive Ecosystem encompasses:


For details, you can visit https://hive.io This year welcome huge development when looking through how Hive Blockchain started and where it is now. Take @leofinance for example, it is easy to register via Twitter, Metamask and start enjoying the benefit of monetizing your content on the platform. It doesn't stop there, all the DeFi features like staking and farming of assets are easy through Hive Blockchain and spread down to Binance Smart chain through Cub finance and we await the launch of polygon-based App soon.

The leomobile released November 2021 was another opportunity to make this platform a seamless environment for many andd with a lightning network it's amazing to connect with the speed of light though there is still work ongoing to increase the comfortable user experience and it's through your usage and recommendations, team will be able to know next step of action, yes there is roadmap. Check here

What I've achieved via leofinance

✔️ Increases my knowledge about personal finance through quality content I read on the platform ✔️ How to generate passive return via what I earned through @leo.voter ✔️ Curating comment on @leomarkettalk which gives amazing rewards provided you give quality comments ✔️ Connecting with people of like mind that can grow your financial stature.

Another community I visited

In less than two weeks that I joined @neoxian dcity official group chat through element.io where great mind on Hive connects, I've discovered many ways to increase my daily income by leveraging on web3 solutions.

  1. Blockchain games
  2. DeFi features with four-digit APR.
  3. NFT auction.
  4. Lending and Borrowing

I'm not a gamer but come to think of having fun (game) and still getting rewarded for having fun, this is a power of web3. In case you don't know, the number one Blockchain game is on hive Blockchain which is Splinterlands, a game that allows you to earn token and NFT collectibles.

Yesterday, I discovered a post by @dalz where he talked about @beeswap a DeFi platform on Hive that gives four digits APR, check out the WhitePaper

One last thing I also discovered is, multiple airdrops. As a user on Hive Blockchain, you are automatically positioned for multiple airdrops especially whenever there is a new development on the chain in form of new community creation.

I can't count the airdrop have received on this platform just because I've interacted with the chain couple of times through my content and there are more coming. You too can leverage some of this airdrop as you join the train and build your brand on the web3 platform via your quality content.

What are you waiting for, get yourself ready as you start making use of this great platform for whatever you want?

Do you still get confused about how to navigate, ask a question and you will be directed.


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