My Rising Star Game #27 My progress and Buying People Card

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@sanmyathtew74 months ago
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Hello all shining stars! I hope you enjoy playing your Rising Star Gaming...

This is my 27th post for in this Rising Star community (Blockchain Gaming). I do mission daily. I am 71 level and I am enjoy playing this amazing blockchain game based on Hive Platform.

I reached level 71. Now I can do the Local Mini Tour Support which I tried to do that mission. I was busy. So I did not do any mission. Now I am going to try level up.

Bought R270 Cooper / people card for 12000 Starbits We can know that he is mood in playing guitar. He has 130 fans and 120 skills.

My Account Progress You can see my account status as following-

Fan: : 6170

Luck: : 268

Skill: : 10463

IM: 91

Total Card: :133

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I like this Game. Its easy to play and earn real money. If you do not play yet please use my referral link

I am San @sanmyathtew7