Utility Companies Can Be Really Dumb

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3 months ago - 1 minutes read

Owning rental properties makes for all sorts of fun and entertaining experiences. Nearly all of which are caused by poor procceses, incompetence or neglect.


Gas Company Fail

I got a call the other day from the gas company, one of the meters at a property must have crapped out as they were getting no readings from it the past 30 days.

They need to come check it out. OK cool, so they come out and two meters needed to be replaced apparently and they also found the ever so smallest leak in one of the lines.

Ok, that sucks but I will have it fixed as leaks are no good. Luckily we could get our plumber out a few hours later to make the repair. All is good to go.

However, the gas company puts a pin in where the line connects in order to stop the gas. Well, only they can get take this pin out (my guy tried) and before they will take out the pin and turn gas back on the town inspector needs to green light the work.

Uhm, OK I get you want to make sure the work is done right but shouldn't ya'll have in house inspectors or the tech trained to do this as now we are talking people have no heat.

Of course the inspector for the town is on vacation this week so who knows who and when we will here from someone, meanwhile my tenants now have no heat so something that was the utility companies issue could be fixed.

Really annoying.

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