100 SDB for the first 100 content written in Sedatabase

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Sedat Yıldız
@sedatyildiz2 years ago
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Hello, we thought of creating an event to increase engagement. As you know, the promotional articles of open source software projects are shared through the Sedatabase community. You can promote both your own articles and a project you want to support. Thus, you will be rewarded with SDB tokens. 100 SDB tokens will be gifted to the top 100 shipments only.

Go to https://hive.blog/trending/hive-104088 and click the Subscribe button on the right. Then press the New Post tab and type your content. After the post is reviewed by the administration, 100 Tokens will be sent to your Hive-Engine wallet.

Do not forget to add illustrated narration and Github links, if any, for the readers to benefit. Thanks to the participants in advance.