PolyCub is SO LOW.... Ahhh and all I wanna do is buy MORE!

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Every time I look at the price of PolyCub these days it's down from the last time I bought a few... The first time was weeks ago, at the beginning of the launch.. There was a problem with my ability to claim any airdrops. A time passed and is wasn't resolved (days) the fear of missing out came over me and I decided to buy $150 worth of Polycub.

It was a little over $4.00!!! I wanted to get into xPolycub before the ratio was too large. Soon after, my airdrops started coming in so I was happy, even though the price had then gone down to around $3.00.


I was really happy, my $150 was turned into 26 xPolycub worth $417!!! This was going to be really promising, I thought. It was, and it still really is as I understand the mechanics of Polycub so much more now, but it's still scary to see the value drop like that. Eventually I bought some more Polycub to off-set my $4.00 buy, I bought at $0.68 which I thought was close to the bottom. Listening to @taskmaster4450 always makes me feel better, he can explain things in a way I understand. But mostly what help too is listening in on the AMA that @leofinance is doing live once a week. I bought more Polycub when it was down to $0.32 and now it's even lower....

AAAAAH I don't know what to do! I'm sitting where I wanted to be in terms of xPolycub, so I should be fine, and probably don't need to buy more.. though as things look like they're going to shape up, especially with the pHBD liquidity pool coming out that will bring in more attraction to Polycub and LeoFinance, maybe I should. It's a very discounted price to buy.

What would you guys do? Let me know below in the comments. And if you have any advice for me don't be shy.. do tell me!

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