Blockchain Games With Rising Star as a Case Sample : Newbies Initiative Task 6

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It's been educative and fun here on the Hive Blockchain, especially with the @newbies Initiative which I am opportuned to be a one of it's beneficials. The Task 6 seems familiar at a glance when I heard that it is about Games. I am passionate about games, Play Station has been my partner when I am less busy from Football games talk of PES, Winning Eleven, Adventure, Fighting Games and Motor Carade. Thou as much fun as all the mentioned games above were,all funds amassed over time can not be used outside the game, unlike as I got to find out about Games on the Hive Blockchain is earn as you play.

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With the detailed explanation from @ksam on Blockchain and through the meeting that was held on #smile group on the Discord server few days ago. I got to understand better the different games available on hive Blockchain, how to make use of Hive Keychain app among others.

YpihifdXP4WNbGMdjw7e3DuhJWBvCw4SfuLZsrnJYHEpsqZFkiGGNCQF4Zz9TmYidQtKxSnQnKYRKXv2Y3VJsuGkYUaz3rVGZZYw9wZehtkPSGYSam5kZ7tkdMpLbT1AzLCw7ZD6qT8omT5ZP5N5PVNtygqjcTvkpM3QdQ2YS1hY (1).pngFeatures That Differentiate Blockchain Games from other Games.YpihifdXP4WNbGMdjw7e3DuhJWBvCw4SfuLZsrnJYHEpsqZFkiGGNCQF4Zz9TmYidQtKxSnQnKYRKXv2Y3VJsuGkYUaz3rVGZZYw9wZehtkPSGYSam5kZ7tkdMpLbT1AzLCw7ZD6qT8omT5ZP5N5PVNtygqjcTvkpM3QdQ2YS1hY.png

  • Hive Blockchain Games are play to earn real cryto-currency depending on the games, such earnings can be used outside the game while other games thou we earn such earning can not be used outside the game.
  • Blockchain Games each has it own native token/currency which is used to carry out transaction both within and outside the games while Other Games does not have native currency assigned to them|

YpihifdXP4WNbGMdjw7e3DuhJWBvCw4SfuLZsrnJYHEpsqZFkiGGNCQF4Zz9TmYidQtKxSnQnKYRKXv2Y3VJsuGkYUaz3rVGZZYw9wZehtkPSGYSam5kZ7tkdMpLbT1AzLCw7ZD6qT8omT5ZP5N5PVNtygqjcTvkpM3QdQ2YS1hY (1).pngGames on Hive Ecosystem With Their Adjoining In-game CurrenciesYpihifdXP4WNbGMdjw7e3DuhJWBvCw4SfuLZsrnJYHEpsqZFkiGGNCQF4Zz9TmYidQtKxSnQnKYRKXv2Y3VJsuGkYUaz3rVGZZYw9wZehtkPSGYSam5kZ7tkdMpLbT1AzLCw7ZD6qT8omT5ZP5N5PVNtygqjcTvkpM3QdQ2YS1hY.png

  1. Rising Star game - (STARBITS)
  2. Splinterlands - Splintershards (SPS)
  3. Dcrop - (SIM)
  4. Wrestling Online Organization - (WOO) Other games are :- Rabona, Ragnarok (upcoming card game),Psyberx (upcoming First Person Shooter game)

YpihifdXP4WNbGMdjw7e3DuhJWBvCw4SfuLZsrnJYHEpsqZFkiGGNCQF4Zz9TmYidQtKxSnQnKYRKXv2Y3VJsuGkYUaz3rVGZZYw9wZehtkPSGYSam5kZ7tkdMpLbT1AzLCw7ZD6qT8omT5ZP5N5PVNtygqjcTvkpM3QdQ2YS1hY.pngPRACTICAL EXERCISEYpihifdXP4WNbGMdjw7e3DuhJWBvCw4SfuLZsrnJYHEpsqZFkiGGNCQF4Zz9TmYidQtKxSnQnKYRKXv2Y3VJsuGkYUaz3rVGZZYw9wZehtkPSGYSam5kZ7tkdMpLbT1AzLCw7ZD6qT8omT5ZP5N5PVNtygqjcTvkpM3QdQ2YS1hY (1).png The Practical Exercise we were given is on Rising Star, it's is an NFTs Music game played on Hive Blockchain where the player act the role of an upcoming music star who start from the scratch and rise up to stardom . When playi the game you earn starbits token (Rising Star in-game crypto), with the wealth gathered through playing the game you can use it to upgrade your players or other transaction of choice.

Step 1:- Downloading of Hive Keychain App on the Google Play store and logins into the Keychain App and uploading of personal keys.



Step 2:- After the above the next things is to search for the browser on the keychain and type in Rising Star website https://www.risingstargame.com/.




Step 3:- Logging into the Rising Star website with our Hive Account Username, then acceptance of terms and conditions that comes with the usage of the game site. Screenshot_20221124-205938.jpeg




Step 4:- Click on Start Mission, Illegal Busking will come up as part of the home page games, click on it Start underneath Illegal Busking. The has been pre-timed for 5 minutes, watch as the the time pan out.






Step 5:- The game duration elapse and Starbits reward was earned.



Thanks to everyone who has in one way or the other either directly or indirectly impacted me as I journey through the Hive Blockchain.

All images are mine except otherwise stated.