Newbies Initiative Task 5 : Mining/Tipping of Token, difference between hive and Swap-hive, Decentralized Exchange Platforms on hive and Converting of Hive and swap-hive to each other

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6 months ago - 3 minutes read

Its a new week with a a new task by the @newbies team. It task 5 whose lecture was anchored by @ksam through SMILE on the discord server aside the materials which was provided, it's detailed and self explanatory. It is based on Tribes Token, Tipping/Mining and Usage of Hive-engine. I hope to do justice to the couple of questions that were drawn from the task above.



<center>**Difference Between Hive and Swap-hive**</center>

|This is a first layer Token||While this is a second layer Token|
|It is not visible on the  hive-engine (only second layer is visible, thereby it can not be used to purchase Token| | It is visible in hive-engine, so it can readily be use in the purchase of Token|

<center>**Examples of Decentralized Exchange on hive**</center>

1. Leodex (leodex.io)
2. Beeswap (beeswap.dcity.io)
3. Trabaldex (tribadex.io)
4. Hive engine (hive-engine.com)

<center>**Converting of Hive to Swap-hive and vice versa**</center>
At first I had issues login into the hivesigner, i tried various password but couldn't go through, so i contacted some senior friends here on hive who put me through on how to go about it. I was directed to removed my account from hivesigner and re-signup, which works perfectly.

step 1 :- I made use of leodex through it's website leodex.io. Once I type the website into my browser it brought up their homepage , after which I supplied my username, then i was redirected to hivesigner website where I signed up by typing in my username along with active key, then I was instructed to creat a new password of which I did.



Step 2 :- I wemt back to leodex homepage amd click on Deposite and fill in 1.1 hive as the amount to be deposited.


Step 3 :- From the above i was referred to a page on Hivesigner with call to verify and approve the transaction.


Step 4 :- After clicking on approve, the deposite transaction was successful and i have a transaction ID as evidence?


Step 1 :- I went back to leodex.io homepage and clicked on **Withdrawal** this time around instead of the deposite transaction that was initiated earlier.


Step 2 :- I input 1.0 hive dollar as the amount to be withdrawn while typing in my username @seunny as the destination.


Step 3 :- I was redirected to a page asking for requesting for confirmation in order to approve the transaction I initiated.


Step 4 :- The transaction was successful and i had a transaction ID. in the case of an issue and there is need to query the transaction authenticity.


<center>**Closing Remarks**</center>

Sincerely I am glad to be part of this initiative, it has enlightened me on many things that had previously looked trivial. For this I would like to appreciate @newbies-hive team, @aliento @starstrings01 @thehcallmedn @projectmamabg @ksam @nkemakonam89 @hiveleaner, under whose tutorlage and platform I have improved drastically even in areas I know not about before, thanks a bunch.