Do people stop buying crypto when it will be a bull market?

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4 months ago - 2 minutes read

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Just a question appear in my mind. Market seems turning to a good position though its not yet completely bull market for me. Sign of crypto pumping bringing hope of a long time bull market but my question is, do people buy crypto for holding when it will be bull market? I believe high profiled crypto traders will never stop buying because investment here is the key to earn profit. This is not only my own concern but also concern of crypto lovers all around the world. Investment has a great impact on crypto price and the bull market can be the harvesting time for many of us.

We little crypto earners and holders expect a little pump but big investors target the big and they surely not going to hesitate investing on crypto and hold it in every situation. Pump and dump of coins will be continued but we want bull market for long time and more than that we want to make maximum profit from our little invest as holding. The bull market made us wait a long time and when its knocking our doors we are getting over concerned about our money and this is very natural. If big investors step back then it will surely affect the market.

There are many potential coins where investor invest and trust. More than that investors found investing on reputed coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum and so on. We make coins reputed and popular directly and indirectly by making a purchase and hold. Negative things also found in the past as many potential scammed as a result many investors step back and lost the trust on crypto. This is not surprising that when we lost trust we step back and it takes time to trust once again.

So investing on reputed coins can be more trustworthy and safe. Bull market may bring more investors and we can hold for something really big someday. A wise investor knows researching and take decision wisely. They have big targets and goals regarding crypto. Wish to see bull market for long time because I've nothing to invest right now but I may invest later.

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