Happy Birthday Cubfinance: write a birthday post contest.

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Happy Birthday Cubfinance!


This month is Cubfinance's one year birthday!

Congratulations to Leofinance creator @khaleelkazi and his team on this landmark.


You started small, but you have become quite large.


Where others saw a small cat, you saw a lion, and into a lion you have grown.


The rest is Hive History

Now Leofinance is one of the largest communities on Hive.

Happy Birthday Post Contest

I read a post by @alexvan post in which he shared his memories of the beginning of first days of Cubfinance and his journey so far.

And it's always fun and interesting to read the perspectives and experiences of others in a common or shared activity.

Then I thought instead of writing my own post about the beginning of Cubfinance, I would gathered a collection of posts from community members and put them here, so everyone could come to this post to read them.

This would be just links and excerpts, but it would provide perhaps some exposure for those posts to the 2000 people who follow me. That’s a lot of eyeballs on your work.

But then I got an even better idea...a contests with prizes!

So If you want your post here, put a link to your Happy Birthday Cubfinance post in the comments, I will add your post links here, so you can refer back to this page.

I then will give Leo prizes to people who enter and I upvote your posts, and your comments.


  • So you enter your post in the contest by posting a link to your Happy Birthday Cubfinance Post in the comments.

  • You win Leo prizes and upvotes on your comments and your posts.

  • Winner is chosen by votes on the post, an upvote on the comment is a vote on the post.

  • I will also read the posts to cast a tie breaker vote, or let the people who donate for the prizes cast the tie breaker votes.

  • Contest ends when post pays out in a week.

Prize Donations

  • You can donate Leo to this contest, which will be given out in your name as prizes. I will then put your name below:

  • First Prize 25

  • Second Prize 20

  • Third Prize 15

  • Fourth Prize 10

That's it!



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