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Wow... How Cool...Cubfinance is 1 year old?

Congratulations Leofinance!


Happy Birthday Cubfinance!


I feel your pain with the impermanent loss, I has some flash backs to a year ago when PolyCUb soared to 5 dollars and wondered when the pullback would begin, and honestlky sold my polycub the first days instead of putting it in xpolycub... I couldn't figure out the math to compare the gains in polycub versus taking the gains at 4 plus dollars, so I took the 4 dollars, only God knows if I made the right decision. As for my funds I put half in the Kingdoms and left hald as an LP, watching to see which one produces more Cub, but I am unclear how to divide out the Polycub. SO I am doing a rough comparison of income. This is challenging and exciting at the same time.

Your post gave me an idea for a post and a Cubfinance Birthday Post contest, so I made you a beneficiary of that post!

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