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I understand your position. Centralized systems are wonderful for convenience of achieving an endpoint. I certainly use Binance to get capitol into the Binance system.

I think Binance is less useful when moving capitol into Polygon projects, and I have no experience moving capitol into Avalanche, but my friends used Coinbase.

I think you may have pointed out a use case however in that you need multiple exchanges to reach these different ecosystems, but Leobridge would be one place to go to all those places.

I also understand your point of dilution of capitol. If Leofinance kept creating new projects on Hive-Engine I think you would be exactly right. New project, same audience, same investment capitol pool equals capitol dilution, just as you have said.

I think what’s different here is Khal reaches out to new investors with each project, so his thinking and yours are actually aligned. He moves the projects to different blockchains, in order to reach a different pool of investors.

I think an important point is… While some of us can figure out how to move capitol around, a certain percentage is going to be new investors with new capitol. I think there is a bell shaped curve of expertise amongst investors, and the majority stay on one blockchain. I think this is the target group for Leofinance, they are blockchain specific, so I think we pick up some recruits with each new project on a new blockchain.

I certain remember picking up blockchain specific investors who strictly used Ethereum when we launched wLEO on Uniswap, and I recall meeting blockchain specific investors when we launched on Binance Smart Chain, who felt Ethereum had turned their back on the masses, by allowing high transaction fees to push the little guy investors off Ethereum based projects. They had never heard of Hive, but they had heard of CertiK and they were yield farmers, who came to Cubfinance for the high APRs and the CertiK audit.

Now there will be investors from Hive who brought capitol to Ethereum, then Binance and now Polygon. So you are correct about such investors, I am one of them, and there are many of us. But the ones from Hive who follow the projects to the next blockchain benefit from high initial APRs and a relatively safe investment environment. Thank you.

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