Super Energy Mushroom Bros!

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This was a tough fight.

Luckily all my level one guys stayed strong and brought me the win.

Thankfully I had the mushroom brothers, magi of chaos, goblin psychic, prismatic energy, and slipspawn who was a good damage sponge.

I did not think my level one dudes could beat a level 4 slipspawn, lvl 4 prismatic, lvl 5 gobling psychic, lvl 2 mycelic queen, lvl 2 doctor blite, and lvl 2 kron.

Truly a battle where my team was smiled upon by the splinter gods.

Image Sources: Splinterlands website, GIPHY website, and thanks to @saviib for the awesome @shortshots logo below.

short shots logo.jpg Screen Shot 2021-11-01 at 10.58.27 AM.png (@shortsegments, @saviib, and I started a guild -- The Black Bulls! Check us out on Splinterlands!) Screen Shot 2021-11-01 at 10.58.46 AM.png

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