80hive=288steem=140$ My first 2022 loss, in Steem-engine.net

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Hello Everyone over here,

I know everyone has started an amazing year, with Alot of Joy and Fun, but When it comes to Myself, With A Loss Of 80 Hive This Year didnt start As well as I hoped to, and as I am living in Afghanistan, which is full of problems that makes it worse.

By the Way, I want to write this post about My loss just happened 30 minutes ago in steem-engine.net, I hope this post can help others to avoid losing their hard earned money and make them aware of the sadden scams happening in the network,

ALRIGHT, before I start to talking about my loss, I want to write something about myself so the question why do I use Steem-engine.net gets answered, I am a Arbitrage trader, I do spend most of my times daily to just check different exchanges and find out Arbitrage trading opportunities, where I can get crypto bought and sold between exchanges, If you want to learn more about What Arbitrage trading is, I found This Article from investopedia to help. if you check my Hive wallet, or hive-engine you can figure out how good am I in this arbitrage trading in hive.

So Let's Go To The Point. As always I was checking for Arbitrage trading opportunities, checking different exchanges, usually I keep checking, Beeswap, Hive-engine, Steem-engine, Leodex, tribaldex And blocktrades to find price differences, After this loss I think I have to remove steem-engine from this list by the way, I found that HBDP is provided at lower price in Steem-engine,


I did a little math, and found it out that if I buy HBD from steem-engine, withdraw it, to hive wallet, or beeswap, I can make 10-20% in a single trade,

I got myself ready with 80hive and purchased 288 Swap.steem from hive-engine and withdrew it to my Steemit wallet for depositing into Steem-engine.net


So I received 285 steem into my steemitwallet and the deposited into my steem-engine.net, everything went will and costed me another %1 depositing fee, which I was very cool with that because I was thinking I make around 20% in a single trade,

Without anymore pressure, I just purchased 140 HBD from steem-engine, img_0.24914813868185884.jpg

and then when I looked the withdraw this, i found out that THERE IS NO WITHDRAWAL option for HBDP, in steem-engine and so this is probably a shit coins someone made to steal money from lazy people like me,

Lessons I learned from this Mistake.

  1. be very careful when using steem-engine
  2. be very very very careful when deciding to this SE
  3. Always Remember to be careful with Steem-engine

I am not going to start any FUD or something this is my Mistake and I am fully responsible for it, I would just want to kindly suggest @aggroed to check these tokens know steem-engine and try to avoid them so People Like me won't loss more money again in the future while using steem-engine,

A LOSS but NOT A LOST this Loss happened but it's not stopping me, I just recovered this loss with BNB, deposited into hive-engine and purchased much more SWAP.HIVE to keep my trading going on,


I wish everyone had an amazing year 2021 and start 2022 with a big WIN, dont be like me and losing,

Your comments appreciated, Happy New Year