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2 months ago - 2 minutes read

Afternoon everyone ….

I have been posting about all of the really cool things we did and saw over the four days. But I have yet to share any of the shiny stuff that you all would expect from a #silvergoldstacker meet up.

Today I am going to share gifts that were given to me by the extremely generous asskickers of the #silvergoldstacker crew that were in Vegas with me.

The generosity of this group is truly unbelievable and I am truly grateful to have personally met the ones that I have. I am going to take a few words from @thedamus from last years meetup. This is what was said as a toast by him at last years group dinner. While it probably isn’t exact, this is how I remember it.

It’s not often that people of our age making new friends. But it has been a great meet up and I consider you all friends. While I am paraphrasing, the message is true.

Just over a year ago, a group of like minded people scheduled a meet up. Not only was it scheduled but we all traveled distances to arrive at this meet up. None of us had ever spent any true time together, we’ve just interacted via posts and discord.

But when we met….

It was like meeting up with friends you hadn’t seen in years. Everything was smooth and problem free. Nothing but laughs, stories, jokes, games, and all sorts of fun.

I could go on and on about how much fun these meet ups have been. But I’d like to keep this post to an enjoyable reading length.

So without further ado….

I am going to share the gifts that were given to me by the extremely generous #silvergoldstacker family members. I am not going to share who gave what, they know who they are and what they gave.

Time for some shiny…. 1878D0621B4E4073AEF296A17E23F8BA.jpeg28175EBEF31C43AC88FB2D0588A89652.jpeg8FD54B506C024C609DCA0F1A5D870715.jpeg 390A9ED6132C4A14B225212E2CF693DC.jpeg7C5823B8424F42EF891870E343E63606.jpeg 1138F2EC85664725AB2A86108A4F2875.jpeg7A3FE3B11E6E4D378F196D9DB27F8C90.jpeg 1304867861114758A7EFB981C694803F.jpegA41465C6528842FD91A8931086AD849A.jpeg 7A35F2710B0641E1ACCB3722E10A0B55.jpeg 4110A80B85A34F32829A788BE38BF7E4.jpeg I’d like to thank each one of you again for these very thoughtful gifts.

I traveled over 2,500 each way to this meet up, and it was well worth every mile.

It was great seeing you all…@summertooth, @dfinney, @enginewitty, @fat-elvis, @brianrrr, @davedickeyyall.

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