My weekly LEO report - W21

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a year ago - 1 minutes read

Last week, I was so busy so I skipped 1 report. It's already a failure in this journey.

Buy LEO with earned CUB

I got 55.5CUB in 2 weeks and converted to 102bLEO And the average exchange rate after 21 weeks in 2.16bLEO/CUB


LEO Rewards

I won the 4th prize (30 LEO) from @nolosslottery. This is the 1st lottery prize in my life and I feel so luckly. I only bought 60 tickets (60 LEO) 3 weeks ago and now I already got 50% back. It's a good investment so I decide to buy 40 more tickets so I have accumulated 100 tickets now. I will keep it until @shortsegments decides to stop it :) image.png

With the lottery and curation rewards, I got total 39.55 LEO image.png

Total LEO

Now, I already got 1735 LEO, 86.7% completed.

  • 1635 LEO in my wallet. I already got back 600LEO
  • 100 LEO in the nolosslottery tickets



This also my entry for CALL TO ACTION from @whiteboardCryp1 and @financeleo.

Have nice weekend and thanks for your support!!!

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