Getting out of debt – Need cards? Solymirent is selling!

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Hello Splinterpeeps! I am a bit ashamed but I have to admit that to myself as well so here we go: Real life has cought up with me. In the past few months I did not really have much income from my regular job. I am a self employed film maker and photographer and unfortunately this year has been pretty hard on me.

Bills keep coming in and the inflation can also be felt in wealthy countries as Austria. People just don't book an expensive photographer to cover their venues, and the wedding season has also not been too strong for me. Regardless of my monthly income I have payments to make for health insurance and pension plans. This is mandatory if you are self employed. I have been paying these bills with money I wanted to invest first. When that was gone I started pulling funds from my emergency stash. When that was gone and I still couldn't get any fresh money in I started to use my credit line. This is very limited and also costs a bunch interest to pay on top. Now that that comes to an end and it still does not look like I will be booked a lot. I will have to start selling assets if I don't want to run out completely. First to get out of debt and second to refill my emergency stash.

This is something everyone should have. An emergency stash of money is the number one priority if you are self employed. If my PC breaks down I can not work so I kinda always need that amount of money on the side. Same goes for emergency travel costs etc. What if the washing machine breaks down? What if all this happens at the same time? If you want peace of mind, at least that's how I feel you need an emergency stash.

Selling assets

These assets I want to sell range from my collection of vintage polaroid cameras to selling clothes I don't need etc. This is very slow paced and will not bring enough to cover my debts. This is my number one priority since I do not want to pay interest for an overdrawn credit line. So I will have to start selling some stuff that can be moved fast.

This is the reason for my current decision. I am selling @solymirent's cards.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-11-05 um 14.23.10.png

Every card on that account is for sale. No exceptions. If someone wants to make me a fair offer for the entire account please do not hesitate to contact me.

Check out the collection on Splex.gg which I use to rent these cards:


If you would consider buying the full account I of course would give a discount. I am also accepting offers on individual cards but would prefer bulk purchases. You can contact me on discord. Just tag solymi#2979 on the splinterlands official server. Or on our guilds servers buy sell channel: https://discord.gg/Ga3vMMyjAY

DISCLAIMER: The cards are rented out (most of them) and it takes a while to get them back. If you say yes to buying I will start the cancel rental process. Understand that these cards make a bit of DEC every day!

Big spender?

For someone who wants to spend BIG I have this treasure currently listed on the market with my main account. This is the only card from my main that I sell!



I am not going anywhere I am just in need of cashflow. I am NOT selling my main collection! I am NOT selling my tract nor plots!

PEER to PEER needs trust

There is plenty of good reviews about me in the feedback channel of Splinterands official discord. We can always ask a trusted community member to play the role of a middle person.

Accepted currencies: HBD, HIVE or their derivatives on BSC. Also accepting BUSD on BSC.

Everyone can help

If you want to help me, you can do so by reblogging and sharing this post with your guild members and fellow splinterlands friends. You can also upvote my posts of course and I say thank you for that in advance.

You can also hel by driving traffic to my website ;)

Cheers https://gaming4co.in/