Cruise Gone Wrong🤦

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Hey! Did you know research shows that laughing stretches about 10 facial muscles and helps to maintain the skin texture hence preventing wrinkles and makes us look younger?

I will love to look young come next twenty years🙃, that is why I will never stop laughing and you know the greatest way to laugh?

It's not watching comedies neither is it watching people make jokes but rather, It is you becoming the comedian 😂.

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Just like everything else in the world, when something is in excess, it becomes a problem and so also are jokes. We should try as much as possible to make sure that everything is within check to know when to stop.


Factors to consider before joking
  • Always make sure that your friend who you are with is in good mood as It is always very annoying making jokes with someone who is "passing through a lot". Not that there is anytime that we are completely worry free but I am just trying to say you should read the room before making your jokes.

  • Don't make jokes about life and death situations, especially with someone's future.... It's always annoying.

  • Above all, don't make jokes with parent's children.. it really hurts a lot especially when the joke is on the negative end and also don't make jokes with people's parents also.


Cruise Gone wrong

It is a day I won't forget in a hurry, December 28, 2021.

I went to a school where every class that graduates organise a reunion every December to see themselves once more and know the extent life has taken us.

After the reunion proper, we seal the outing as it should be with lots of drinking, eating and discussion... Everyone forming small groups over a table around the venue sitting with their long time friends.

IMG_2632.jpeg One of the reunion pictures

On this very reunion day, when the meeting was over and everyone was enjoying themselves at various tables, suddenly, my friends in my table were to fight and we quickly rushed to separate them, guess what was the culprit?

Joke, it was🤦.

Earlier in that year, Kelvin became a father. The circumstances surrounding the marriage was not favourable for him at all. He didn't envisioned himself becoming a father at that very young age but he made a mistake with a girl that cost him a lot and he was forced to marry the girl.

He was not happy with the whole marriage to the extent that he didn't even invite us to the ceremony.

Ever since the marriage, he is always looking sad.. I see him often in school as I was also studying with him in the same University but not the same course but we do cross path once in a while.

It happened that it got a point in our discussion when Jude remembered that Kelvin is married and the wife has given birth to a beautiful baby girl, guess what?

Jude called Kelvin, hey! Mr. Kelvin

Some of the guys in the table were confused as what brought about the "title, Mr" because most persons were still oblivious of the fact Kelvin has gotten married. Kelvin's face quickly changed.

Jude couldn't even notice that and still continued to say,

"Mr. Kelvin, how is the family?

Kelvin at this point was getting very angry about that and Jude couldn't still read the room and added,

"How is your daughter, hope they are all good?"

"So you are now a daddy to someone? Wow"

He was making jokes about it but Kelvin was not finding it funny again since what he wants to remain a secret is now on the open and picked a fight.

That was it, Kelvin went home immediately the whole saga was over because he couldn't stay again.

Jude on his end was very much confused because he thought it was a good thing to congratulate him on becoming a father , he didn't know it wasn't willingly. We later told him the full story and he called Kelvin the next day and they reconciled.

It wasn't meant to be something he should be angry about but because that singular mistake thwarted every plan he has for his life, he regrets it ever till today and that was why he was very angry about it.


I can't remember making jokes that crossed the line on my own end but I have witnessed various moments when my friends make jokes that crossed the line.

Thanks for reading through 👍

Until next time, stay safe.