Spinvest-Leo weekly update post - 24 Feb 23

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3 months ago - 3 minutes read

Welcome to the weekly update post for @spinvest-leo, where I (@jk6276) record on chain for transparency our transactions for the week, and update @spinvest investors with our progress.

I wasn't able to produce a report last week, but dropped the asset values into our discord server. Lets see what has been happening this week.

BSC assets


EMP is still rolling along, miles below its intended peg. Currently, the EMP token is floating around at 20% of its target (80% below peg). While this may seem like a really bad situation, it is not all doom and gloom. The team are still active, and the assets still generate yield. The down side is that we are showing significant impermanent loss on the EMP/ETH pool, as ETH has been performing decently, and EMP has not recovered to match. If the peg improves, this will turn around, but it is just hard to see what the catalyst for a re-pegging could be right now.

Do we keep holding on, or cut our losses and move on?

  • EMP/ETH - $813 (down $34)
  • ESHARES - $73 (down $5)


I have not changed anything with our CUB holdings for a while. We are still chugging along with the CUB/bHBD and CUB/bHIVE pool positions. Earnings fund the dividend funds each week. If I was to cut losses on the EMP platform, I'd likely role those funds back to CUB. Still undecided on this however. For now, no changes.

  • CUB/bHIVE - $907 (down $13)
  • CUB/bHBD - $781 (down $20)

Total BSC

Overall assets value this week is $2574, which is a drop of $72 on last week. Very minor decline, and no real changes to strategy this week. Still just undecided on EMP and whether to cut our losses, or hold for a recovery.

Gaming Assets.

  • SPS/BNB pool - $748 (down $15)
  • SPS staked - $345 (down $4)
  • GLX staked - $22 (up $1)

Just chugging away here. Slowly building the SPS stake, and in turn GLX. I am topping up the LP position by claiming more from our EMP generator position. For those that missed it, this contract on EMP is a daily drip farm for SPS/BNB LP tokens. I gained a good position here by being fortunate to win the daily lottery.

Figured it is a good time to share an update on how that position is travelling:

The above is the current position we have here. I have been using some of the claimed LP tokens to maintain the 100 HIVE per week profit share I send to @spinvest for dividends. The daily burst has dropped significantly, but that is the nature of how these pools run. Still, this position is underwriting our 100 per week goal, for now.

Total gaming.

This week, the gaming section of this wallet is worth $1115, a small drop of $18 from last week. No changes to strategy here, and this section including the generator farm that does not appear on the asset list (as funds are in a contract on not in our wallet) funds the bulk of the dividends money.

Other assets

  • HIVE power - $278 (up $21)
  • vexPOLYCUB - $63 (down $9)

Not much to report here, Hive power slowly but steadily growing. I delegate most to @leo.voter for passive LEO income. Can't do anything with the vexPOLYCUB.

Total $341 (up $12)


Hive sent for dividends = 100

Total asset value - $4030

Change from last week - down $78.

Thanks for reading everyone, enjoy your weekend.


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