Spinvest-Leo weekly update post - 4 Mar 23

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3 months ago - 2 minutes read

Welcome to the weekly update post for @spinvest-leo, where I (@jk6276) record on chain for transparency our transactions for the week, and update @spinvest investors with our progress.

Another week in the books for Spinvest, marked by the launch of the new XV token. Check this post for details on the new token.

On to our weekly report...

BSC assets.


I have been agonizing for a while about the EMP/ETH LP position. I pulled a tiny portion out this week, but most remains. Peg seems to have stabilised at around 20% of where it should be, but has not gotten worse for a week or two. Hanging in there for now.

  • EMP/ETH pool - $739 (down $74)
  • ESHARES stake - $89 (up $16)


CUB is still just chugging along.

  • CUB/bHIVE - $838 (down $69)
  • CUB/bHBD - $751 (down $30)

Down a little, but still ok considering the overall market this week.

Total BSC

$2417 this week, compared to $2574 last week, a drop of $157. The market is down, and this drop is not unexpected.

Gaming Assets.

  • SPS/BNB pool - $717 (down $31)
  • SPS staked - $335 (down $10)
  • GLX staked - $21 (down $1)

Nothing surprising here, the market is down a bit, and our assets have followed. Steadily accumulating tokens here overall, and positioning for the future.

Total gaming.

$1073 versus $1115 last week, a drop of $42.

Other Assets.

  • Hive Power - $242 (down $36)
  • vexPOLYCUB - $60 (down $3)

No changes here, slowly accumulating HP (from post payouts), and can't change anything with vexPOLYCUB.

Total $302 (down $39)


Sent 100 HIVE for dividends.

Wallet total value - $3792

Change from last week - down $238

All the little drops in value from above add up to a decline for the week. Lets see what next week brings.

Thanks for reading everyone, don't forget to check out the XV token launch linked above.



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