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4 months ago - 6 minutes read

Hello and welcome to the launch of SPinvest's latest investment token. For the first time ever, we are releasing a timed project with a cash-out/windup date which is something new to SPinvest.


The crypto markets are all over the place but I think most of us will agree that the market bottoms have been in and they are confirmed. 2023 in my mind will be the last great year to invest into crypto for the next few years as the markets switch from bear to bull in 2024.

SPinvest has been waiting to release this project for almost 3 years since i first had the idea and right now is the best time for SPinvest to release....


The basic idea is to sell XV tokens for 10 weeks, invest all HIVE from issuing tokens into a basket of top-ranked crypto tokens and wait for the next bull run to happen. When it does, I convert the basket back into HIVE and offer a buy-back wall on the hive-engine exchange letting investors cash out. The overall risk is not high but the potential gains that can be had from a simple market course switch in a young asset class like crypto could be amazing.

Here is a flow from the investor's point of view from investing to cashing out.


Proof of Concept

Back in 2019 before I launched SPinvest and SPI tokens, I was part of a silver and gold stacking community and I used to organise monthly crypto group buys. This took place pre-hive-engine so no token. Each month we voted to select crypto to invest in, i collected funds and bought the token. I held the crypto in an offline wallet.

Our best investment was buying ADA at $0.045 and then I sent them to people exactly 2 years later when ADA was trading at $0.94 for a 21x gain. This was the best performer and many of the selections were low-market cap gambles that never worked out. If we were to have bought into the top 15 crypto ranked token back then and held them, our overall returns would have been much greater.

The main difference this time is im picking the crypto to add to the basket instead of voting because people always vote for the lowest-priced token. They will vote on DOGE over BTC every day of the week because they get almost no BTC and tons of DOGE and DOGE has a great chance to increase more than BTC. In the bear market we don't need to invest into gambles that could 100x because all the best stuff is on sale 😬

For this reason, I believe that if we have a basket of 15 handpicked cryptos from the top 50 ranked and hold them for 2 years, we can turn a profit due to the markets simply swapping from bear run to bull run. If we can buy while many cryptos are trading at under 50% of their ATH prices and ideal for snapping up, we could 5-10x our investment.


XV Token details

There is not much to token details. XV tokens are simply a token of ownership. With no long-term plan, tokenomics are as simple as a 3 step process. Investors buy them, hold them and then in 2 years' time, you sell them back to SPinvest for a juicy profit all being well. Rise and repeat 2027-29 🤑


TOP 15 cryptos and allocation

To make you aware, stable tokens, pegged tokens and tron will not be considered for our basket. Earning a few percent from stables and the risk of having a pegged token unpeg is not worth it. Justin Sun can eat an ass so no TRX for us.

  • All selections picked will be ranked in the top 50 on coingecko
  • Allocation will be split 40% to the top 3 holdings (3) 25% to cryptos 4-6 (3) 25% to cryptos 7-10 (4) 10% to cryptos 11-15 (5)
  • Basket balancing will take place every 6 months from the end of the XV token sale

The first report will show the top 15 crypto basket selections.

What's the USP?

Anyone could do this, anyone could invest in a basket of crypto and hold them for 2 years but would you? The USP is me, my experience, knowledge and discipline.

  • Would you open exchange accounts and install wallets to hold all these different cryptos? You cant get every crypto from 1 place and there's no 1 fits all offline wallet.
  • Would you be able to sell them without a 2nd thought when the price is up 10x or would you continue to hold with the hope the price will keep climbing until its too late?
  • Would you be bothered to balance the basket every few months to add new cryptos and remove cryptos that fall out of the top 50?

Would you rather someone does all the work and give you monthly updates for a small cut of the profits?



  • XV TOKENS will sell for 10 weeks at 1 HIVE each
  • SPinvest takes all the HIVE from sales and converts it into a basket of 15 cryptos ranked in the top 50
  • SPinvest holds the cryptos in offline wallets (possibly earning an APY with some)
  • Every 6 months, the basket is rebalanced
  • In June 2025, SPinvest converts the crypto basket back into HIVE and buys back XV tokens from investors


Will XV tokens pay a dividend? Nope, because HODLing does not generate an income and any yield is 100% based on the cryptos we buy increasing in value.

Can I cash out early, before June 2025? You will be able to sell your XV tokens on the open exchange where the price will be determined by the market and pool of buyers at that time.

How can I track the progress of my XV investment? Monthly reports will be uploaded to the @spinvest account showing the crypto we hold, their allocation to the basket, month to month and overall growth charts to be as transparent as possible.

Can investors decide which crypto to invest in? No, the basket will be decided on by @silverstackeruk on behalf of SPinvest. I have seen from past results that public voting is not the best form of selection for investment. Im not Warren Buffet but I think I have a level enough head.

Are there any fees to pay?
SPinvest will collect a small fee of just 5% at the buyback stage in June 2025. For an actively managed fund, 5% for 2 years is decent and SPI has to get a cut🤑

Why end is June when crypto peaks at a year-end normally? The make a long answer short. Paying out in June lets me pay out more HIVE back to investors.

Smaller market cap tokens will see their price increase harder toward the end of the bull run so BTC could 5x and HIVE might only increase by 50% in the first 9 months of a bull year. When BTC growth slows to increase say to 50% in a month in the last 3 of the bull year, HIVE might be hitting its peak momentum and could 10x.

So I'd like to pay out HIVE earlier so I can pay out more. Paying out more is what investors will remember in the future. We all know how much HIVE we have earned from this and that but we rarely remember what the $ value was at the time.

Can I take my crypto at the end of 2 years instead of HIVE? Nope, all conversations will be done in as little numbers of transactions as possible and sending out 15 crypto to each investor that requests it would cost an arm and a leg in fees and be alot of manual work. We buy in with HIVE and we cash out with HIVE 🤑

Are XV tokens legit? As far as the HIVE blockchain goes, SPinvest is the gold standard for investment tokens with almost 4 years of experience and 4 successful projects under our belts. Everything released under SPinvest is backed by assets and in this case, 15 top-ranked cryptos. You can take XV to the bank 🏦



How many are you going to buy and HODL for 2 years??