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Hello Spinvest Comunity,

I hope you all had a relaxing Christmas, got a lot of presents, and survived the tons of food and candies that came along with the celebration. Before the year will end we will have one last round of our betting game. Give me your bets, enjoy the rest of 2022 and have a good start into a great 2023!

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What do you think a Bitcoin will cost by the end of Friday?

Comment with your guess directly to this post. The bet that is closest to the truth, will win the weekly price. If your bet is exactly to the point, you will win the Jackpot. pg divider203.png

The Prices


The weekly Price

2 Spinvest token for the winner

3 Spinvest token for the winner who reshared (rehived) this post before Friday

As long as we have a bet, we have a winner! pg divider207.png

The Jackpot

200 LEO

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The Rules.


  • provide your tip of the Bitcoin Price in US$ as a comment until Thursday 0:00 CET
  • only one tip per account allowed per individual user; multi-account-users shall only comment with one account, multiple comments lead to disqualification
  • the tip that is closest to the reference price will win the weekly price
  • if there are two tips equally near to the winning value, the one that is given earlier is the winning one
  • a tip that is exactly on spot with the full dollar rounded reference price will win the Jackpot
  • the reference price will be taken from Coingeko; (see the following reference) and rounded to a full dollar number
  • prices are transferred from the @spi-contests account directly to the winning account on the following weekend
  • winners are announced in the respective section of the next game post

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We had 44 valid bets in our last weekly Bitcoin guessing round and the tipps ranged from 15,000$ to 64,000$. @rebe.torres12 had the right guess, with only $2 below the reference price. The bets in detail:

15,000 @geneeverett 15,250 @jfang003 15,578 @bitandi 15,899 @erikklok 16,039 @thebighigg 16,112 @chrisparis 16,120 @etiboy56 16,128 @careersecure 16,234 @servelle 16,321 @ferod23 16,325 @ddn688 16,400 @ericburgoyne 16,420 @jhonnygo 16,437 @maro1 16,500 @sodomlv 16,543 @coquicoin 16,550 @cinygirl 16,588 @myothuzar 16,600 @adedayoolumide 16,614 @tokutaro22 16,707 @thedoc07 16,740 @kelseyimoh 16,778 @waveshaper

16,789 @rebe.torres12 winner

16,791 reference winning price

16,800 @sahlana 16,805 @rosauradels 16,807 @mayt 16,811 @jdike 16,812 @gillianpearce 16,813 @yeckingo1 16,827 @yova 16,831 @miriammarga 16,863 @bntcamelo 17,000 @thefed 17,010 @alovely 17,058 @fbpowers 17,109 @themanualbot 17,151 @mrnoobie07 17,211 @braaiboy 17,450 @beyondhorizonmm 17,666 @fredkese 18,254 @methodofmad 64,000 @hoosie

Congratulations to @rebe.torres12, who won this little game for the 4th time. Unfortunately, @rebe.torres12 missed to reshare the post in order to double his price and (only) got 2 SPI shares. image.png

Good Luck

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HALL of FAME 2022

|Account|total winnings in 2022| |-|-| |@anderssinho|5| |@rebe.torres12|4| |@alovely|3| |@gillianpearce|3| |@jorgebgt|3| |@servelle|3| |@cinygirl|2 - 1x Jackpot| |@ddn688|2| |@jfang003|2| |@kelseyimoh|2| |@kenechukwu97|2| |@necho4|2| |@tokutaro22|2 - 1x Jackpot| |@youngelder|2| |@an-man|1| |@bntcamelo|1| |@cervantes420|1 - 1x Jackpot| |@daniella619|1| |@drlobes|1| |@femcy-willcy|1| |@fredkese|1| |@hoosie|1| |@iamchuks|1| |@kevinnag58|1| |@mypathtofire|1| |@rosauradels|1| |@sodomlv|1| |@yhuddee111|1 - 1x Jackpot| |@yova|1|

pg divider207.png shout out to all the people that ever have participated to this game: @adedayoolumide @aga8ta@aiovo @ajanaku @akumagai @alovely @amaillo @amr008 @an-man @b0s @bagofincome @barmbo @bashadow @beyondhorizonmm @bitcoinflood @biyaawnur @bloggingaddict @bntcamelo @braaiboy @chacald.dcymt @chrisparis @chuyster @cinygirl @coolkris @coquicoin @crazy-unicorn @crrdlx @cst90 @cute-cactus @dagger212 @daniella619 @danoskie @davedickeyyall @dragoka @danoskie @davedickeyyall @ddn688 @desro @dkid14 @dora381 @dragokazo @dterminedsoul @dwayne16 @ehizgabriel @elyelma @emeka4 @emma001 @ericburgoyne @erikklok @etiboy56 @eyewaa @fabian98 @failingforwards @faithluck @fatherfaith @fbpowers @femcy-willcy @ferod23 @finguru @firstborn.pob @fomofinance @fredkese @gameofcrypto36 @geneticmedia @ghua @gigil @grumbkow @hansvonkatte @harpreetjanda @hetty-rowan @hhayweaver @hjrrodriguez @hoosie @hauseofdavid @hykss @iamchuks @idspecial17 @imfarhad @informationvault @irenavarroart @iskafan @ismaelgranados @itsostylish @jeferybgomez @jfang003 @jhonnygo @joemark @jorgebgt @josediccus @kelseyimoh @kevinnag58 @kristin @lettingo @levi-miron @lordemmy @malopie @master-lamps @mein-senf-dazu @mercurial9 @merrymay22 @minimining @miriammarga @mlrequena78 @monbijou @mrf83 @muratkbesiroglu @myothuzar @necho41 @no-advice @notak @officialhisha @olddessauer @olympicdragon @oscarpower55 @owlpalace @plint @preshtrump99 @preparedwombat @pocketrocket @podewils pthker2010 @rebe.torres12 @repayme4568 @revise.leo @riandeuk @rikolo @rosauradels @rossbach @rpren @sagardyola @samuelvoncocceji @sarahdavis @schindmaehre @shitsignals @silesiaglogau @silvertop @sinistry @sodomlv @sondershausen @steemstreems @stevescoins @stevermac1966 @takimn @temibot @tfranzini @thecryptodave @thomashnblum @tippingswisdom11 @tobywalter @tokutaro22 @trangbaby @ugomarcel @vanidike @vikbuddy @waliphoto @williamtboy @whispertamesth1 @yeckingo1 @youngelder @yova @zastrowe image.png . SPinvest's content is contributed by @silverstackeruk, @underground, @no-advice, @metzli, @taskmaster4450

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