Genesis League Sports: GLX Staking

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7 months ago - 2 minutes read

Greetings, everyone!

With help from the community, I realized that Genesis League Sports has evolved, and now offers a fully functional wallet on their website. Bidirectional transfers for liquid GLX are now functional, including with Hive Engine.

In addition, liquid GLS can now be staked, with rewards in GLGTs (Genesis League Game Time tokens) and GLS. I was trying to document myself a little more for the current APR, but looks that this is not yet easily available...

Genesis League Sports Tokenomics:

Users will utilize three types of cryptocurrency tokens on The Genesis League Sports Platform.

  • Genesis League Governance Token (GLX): GLX is a governance token that enables users to participate in the GLS ecosystem. Users with staked GLX will have a say in how the overall game and ecosystem work.
  • Genesis League Stable Token (GLUSD): GLUSD is a stablecoin accepted in-game at a rate of 1 GLUSD = 1 U.S. Dollar. Players can use this token to buy packs, rent cards, and purchase other in-game products.
  • Genesis League Game Time (GLGT): GLGT is a token representing “time staked” and will be awarded to players who stake GLX tokens or hold validator node licenses over time. It will be used to get discounts on products and exclusive/early access to promotions.

As a reminder, each investor with staked SPS in the Splinterlands ecosystem, gets a daily airdrop of GLX in Genesis League Sports, therefore you should all check your wallets 😊

For me, with 80k staked SPS on Splinterlands, I accumulated 857.40 liquid GLX. I have not made myself a strategy for the new game, but to keep the money flowing, I decided to run a quick experiment, to stack all my liquid GLX and check how is this going...

How about everyone else?

How do you want to use your GLX?

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