157,000 STEM STEMGeeks Team Tokens burned

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STEM Geeks
@stemgeeks2 months ago
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As mentioned the other day, we are unstaking all STEMGeeks team tokens created from the initial supply. We have been burning all liquid tokens since the creation of the tribe.


Yesterday we burned 157,000 STEM tokens. These tokens are part of the unstake of the official curation account @stemcuration. There are over 400,000 STEM tokens still being unstaked.


This pushes our total burned over 58% of the supply.

Our goal is to remove all STEMGeeks team tokens received from the initial supply and through curation rewards over the last three years. I had no plans on putting them on the market and I feel it is a good time to leave curation to the community. This will drastically reduce the circulating supply and give all users more influenced with their own STEM tokens.

While I can't make any promises with the remaining STEM tokens being unstaked, I will post an update when they are unstaked with what I plan to do with them.

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