Revising and detailling "who wants my toys when i die?"

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I wouldn't be able to fulfil my side of the deal. fix bayonets and over the top! eff you, cancer

op below

I just screwed a guy out of a good deals elling off SPLINTERLANDS plots.I screwed a guy off the lowball offer I mistyped in the original post. These arent intentional fuckups, but I still do'nt like a hint of dishonesty in my dealings; they are indicative of my fuzzy state of mind

In fact, the Hiver that offered a bid on "all my toys" stated he didn't know what all was involved in the package, so I am going to revise the offer with more detail

I am selling the keys to all of my Hive-accounts, associated side-chains. and linked games

The accounts

@stevescoins @warfeed @thecontesttrain @iteachp0rnmoney I will list the assets for each account in a running count of value



  • rep 69.79 - I assign no value to this

  • followers 2287- I assign no value to this

  • sbi shares -1233 what is steembasicincome and how does it work? See @steembasicincome What is Hive SBI? for a rundown.

Hive Stake Based Income (Hive SBI) is a social experiment to bring a voluntary crowdfunded basic income to as many Hivers as possible. Members join by sponsoring others into the program. Hive SBI is delivered through providing regular upvotes to member content.

SBI shares cost 1 HIVE or 1 HBD. By careful managing (less than 5 posts/week), I make a minimum of $3 per post, a nice stepping stone to higher payouts thru visibility I assign this asset a value of $740 USD

  • HIVE POWER 441 I assign this asset a value of $264 USD
  • Splintershards (SPS) Staked -3082 SPS I assign this asset a value of $2283 USD
  • splinterlands spellbook I assign this asset a value of $10 USD
  • Game-Drugwars daily inc 2.3;dwd primary hq 130- I assign no value to this
  • Game-Dcity- inc avg10 sim/day 265 simpower - I assign no value to this
  • Game-Rising Star, lvl25, 7 cards- I assign no value to this ***RUNNING TOTAL $3297 USD


  • rep 49.83 - I assign no value to this
  • followers 367- I assign no value to this
  • sbi shares -6 I assign this asset a value of $4 USD
  • HIVE POWER 40 I assign this asset a value of $24 USD
  • splinterlands spellbook I assign this asset a value of $10 USD RUNNING TOTAL $3325 USD


The purpose of this account is to invest all HBD into 100% Hive SBI for the contest winners; this is to grow the rewards provided in the contest (and also increasing the SBI payout to this account), to introduce Hivers to Hive SBI, and to help grow the winners' accounts.

THE WINNER, OF COURSE, MAY DO AS HE WISHES WITHTHE ACCOUNT. Ihad a lot of fun running contests, and it's a good way to build a true social network.

  • rep 55.69 - I assign no value to this
  • followers 21- I assign no value to this
  • sbi shares- 517 I assign this asset a value of $310 USD
  • HIVE POWER 66 I assign this asset a value of $40 USD RUNNING TOTAL $3685 USD


I was going to teach the basics of porn affiliate marketing. There is nothing of value to the account, although there is som porn that I produced; don't use thesefor commercial purposes as I am not sharing 2257 data or copyright

The price? I am selling $3685 USD of Hivechain assets for $2600 in HIVE or HBD

Like I said in my "all my toys" post, I want to get all the $ I can to my folks.

How would this work?

  1. comment "I want this" in the reply section (earliest timestamp wins)
  2. xfer $2600 USD worth of HIVE or HBD to @stevescoins
  3. I will convert that into another currencyand take it off this blockchain
  4. I will then mail the winner all the keys from my proton email
  5. The winner then does as he wishes with the accounts and assets and I am gone from Hive
  6. It'd be nice, but it's not required on the deal, for the winner to announce the new ownership on the accounts

Good Bye Sweet Hive

I'd rather not leave the Hive. For that matter, I'd also rather not have cancer, and as long as I'm playing "matters". I'd also rather bed banging the hell out of Salma Hyack. Tough shit, sometimes you have life by the balls, and sometimes life and death has you by the balls.

  • I have really enjoyed ineracting and learning from you.I'm not making individual byes coz I'd be certain to miss someone that deserved a bye more
  • I really hope that someone laerned how to conduct *efficient" infomationwar from the work I put in here
  • I also hope that enough people to make a difference took the work I did in inteland covert resistance education I outlined to win back the Republic
  • Hoping to garner one last cheap laugh, me and Rich (@richq11) have been dicussing our imminent demises (I bet I hit the Finish Line first) came up with this:

[scene opens in God's office -zoom into God's face as he dials an in-office line - he does not look like a happy camper] God, into phone:Get that idiot Peter on the line, pronto St. Pteer's voiceover,-hesitant : Yes, sir? God: Why, in My name, did you let BOTH of those knuckleheads in? St.Peter: Im sorry, sir. Thely payed the old "tabletop" trick on me and ran off with the keys. God:Well Petey, you get this shit fixed now! The Nuns Catching Up group hasn't been to chorals 3 weeks in a row, and I'm sick of the Deathbed Confession' group winning all the time now. I hate that smug look on their faces, like they got away with something. I'm half-tempted to punt them down to Hell just for that look. That doesn't seem to fit with my image as forgiving shepard, dues it? Now get this squared away, coz if I have to punt them down, guess who's riding my Big Toe down with them? St.Peter: Yes sir. Right away, sir!

  • I might be reached at [email protected], but I'm usually in pain, or trying to get the details right before I cleat into Home