who wants my toys when i die?NULL AND VOID

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total SBI SHARES 1756 HP 553.8

I'm for the deadbook(cancer).I am willing to sell most of my HIVE empire(minus what I can quickly liquify)

IMG_20210927_221851.jpg tumor measures 8x5 cm, or at least it did the last time was measured.

so I'm trying to put together enough $$$ to send my folks somewhere nice after they plant me

the deal

you get the listed above, plus a few cents here and there on HIVE-exchangein various game holdings

in my opinion. the best part of the deal comes with 1750 SBI shares.I have been making 3$ a pot minimum w careful husbandry of tihs asset

I'm selling this as a bundle for $1000 usd in xmr, hive, or hbd1st bid at that price wins

edited a low figure, and apologies for the foulupon my part edited again:

offer is voided for better detailed offer (see last post)