RE: Twitter Adding Long-Form Content: The Everything App In The Making

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I don't follow Elon Musk but know who he is. Since Hive I have gotten away from using any of the web 2.0 platforms, for various reasons. However, I kinda like the idea of twitter having long form content, but I don't see it as having the type of long form you find on Hive. When I think of twitter, I think of long form being able to post longer content than presently allowed but I don't see a full on blog post like this one. One of the reasons, I moved away from twitter is because I have an issue with limiting myself to a small number of characters. It's great sometimes but not all the time. And the fact that that usually includes a link makes it it tough. It's better if I can just say what I want about something & not have to find shorter ways to say it & then add the link, kinda like FB, but I don't use that either. I've had accounts with them for many years but Hive gave me a way to learn to blog, not just created some short form of what I want to say. And now with things like 'Threads', I don't have much need for platforms like twitter & FB.

No matter what Elon does with twitter, it still won't compare to Hive. I believe they are 2 totally different concepts. Besides Hive has also the advantage of letting me earn & learn about crypto plus the decentralization factor.


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