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I've updated the spreadsheet to have more hours to compare, it turns out my optimal time is 3 hours for my Den stake and 2 hours for my Pool stake. Make sure you update your sheet after each compound to stay up-to-date. End Update

Quick Update

With today's (3/15/21) drop in Cub production, my timings have changed. Later tonight, I will update the sheet with more time-frames so that you can get a better feel for optimal time. End Update

Final update

I have expanded the sheet to calculate up to 36 hours. This should service the majority of users. Thanks for the positive feedback, guys! End Update

You know what's fun? Watching the gains that the early adopters of CUB Finance are claiming.

One of the old sayings I used to hear was "Compound early and often". But what if it turns out that's not true? How often should you harvest and stake? It turns out that the time-frame is different for everyone. Let's take a look at the tools you'll need to maximize your gains! Special Thank you to https://leofinance.io/@tradewatchblog for providing the spreadsheet and walking me through the process. Make sure to give him some love on his blog.

Tools Needed

Outside of having some tokens staked in either the Liquidity Provider pools or in the Den, we're going to need two things. The first is This website: https://howmuchismylp.com/. In the MasterChef address box you will need to enter 0x227e79C83065edB8B954848c46ca50b96CB33E16, connect your wallet and you'll have a display like so:

This will give us our somewhat current USD total that we have invested. (It seems to be off by ~5 minutes for me)

With these dollar amounts, we can now find what harvesting time-frame is optimal for us.

The second tool, and the one we're here for is this spreadsheet: NOTE: You will have to save as a copy to be able to edit the fields


This defaults to some pre-filled numbers which we will have to change. We are looking at these three areas circled.

In Value Locked box, we need to change that number to our dollar amount from the howmuchismylp.com site. In the example above we have a Pool stake amount of 11226.52 and a Stake amount of 32164.73. For this example, we'll use the Stake amount.

After entering that into the first box, we'll need our daily return percentage. We can find that in the Farming/Den areas at https://cubdefi.com/

Since we are looking at straight staked CUB, we'll click on the little calculator as seen here:

It shows us that our current Daily Return rate is: 3.47% we'll pop that number into the Daily Return box, and since we're looking at a Den, we'll set that number to 0

Our output is this:

Now. Let's look at the results!

So Let's move our attention to the far left and right boxes to see our results!

The first box shows us if we're looking at Hourly compounding or 4, 8, or 12 hour intervals.

The far right box shows us the net gain or loss that we can expect if we compound at those times. Losses will be in parentheses (5.xx)

Going by the chart we can see that in this example compounding every 4 hours will be the most beneficial to us! If we compound every hour instead of hourly, we're leaving $2.90 on the table, if we wait until 8 hours, we've lost $2.40, and if we wait 12 hours, well, that just hurts even more.

And there you have it! The tools you need to make the best moves to increase your Cubbies! You may want to play around with the Avg TX fee to dial this in even further. Remember that these values are in US dollar, so the .3 in the screenshots represents 30 cents.

Good luck and Happy Staking!!!

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