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4 months ago - 4 minutes read

I was in the office at lunch with a colleague and he was talking about his crypto being up from 400 to 500, but still down 700. And as I said to him,

if you are willing to buy Bitcoin at 50K, you should be willing to buy three times as much at 15K.


For example, if buying 1 BTC at 45K, it will have lost 66% of its value at 15. But, if then buying 3 BTC at 15 for 45K, the total investment would be 90K, and the current value of 4 BTC would be 94K. Now, that isn't a massive gain, but it is already in a profit range and if BTC were to get to the original buy point of 45, that is a 200% gain on it and -

it is probably just a matter of time.

But, it is hard to justify for most people, even though they are spending their money on other things that don't bring much value to their lives at all.

However, a couple minutes later we were talking about career paths and having ambition, and both of us agreed that while a person doesn't have to be ambitious at their place of employment, having the ambition to improve at something is attractive. It doesn't matter what that "something" happens to be.

And, moving on from this, if we had the ability to "do what we want", neither of us would stop working, but we would both likely change the work that we would do. We would both need to be financially secure, but the difference between us is that in order for this to happen, he would need to win the lottery and, I would need my crypto stack to go 20-50x.

Which is more likely?

And that is if I stop doing things now, but the more time I spend active in crypto (without losing stack), the lower the rate of return needs to be to hit those targets. Sure, there are definitely no guarantees, but the alternative I have is to work my ass off (as I am also doing) in the hope that somehow, it will be enough to save and invest small amounts consistently and get some big wins, to do more than just be able to retire comfortably at 68 years of age.

And that is the norm.

Even the relatively successful workers who diligently build their portfolio each month and put into their retirement fund, tend to have to work until close to their retirement age anyway, even if they are not doing anything close to what they love. Sure, it is a means to an end, but 68 is already pretty close to the end of a useful and enjoyable life where there is still the possibility to have ambition and improve at something.

Meaningful work.

I like my job, but it is also something that doesn't bring the most value to my life. However, it is a means to an end in many ways, as it allows me to earn to cover living costs and gives me the space and drive to do meaningful work on blockchains, which is at least part of where I would be, had I all the money I needed to live.

Many people are working in a job in the hope to get to a point where they can either do nothing or work at what they want. But, I believe that what people should be doing is already working at what they want alongside their current activities. It might not be at the level desired, nor might it be anywhere near the time one would want to spend doing it, but it is something and, it can give that extra motivation and perspective to work harder, rather than the future always being some fantasy idea over the horizon.

Over the Horizon

There is always something there, but it never seems to come into view unless we take the steps to travel toward it. But, the journey can be risky and there is no certainty, so most choose to stay put, grinding away, fooling themselves into thinking that what they do matters, that it is enough for them, even though in the back of their mind they are constantly asking,

Is this it?

There must be more...right....?

Many want a career, so they then have the option to not have to work. Some want to work so they have the option to work at what they want. Doing nothing of consequence seems like a useless life to me. But few want to pay the consequences of what they do, so many do not do much outside of what is expected of them. From an investment perspective, if you are doing what everyone else is doing, there won't be much gain. But, if we don't have much, there isn't much to lose either.

So, may as well take a swing for the horizon.

Taraz [ Gen1: Hive ]

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