Profit or Potato?

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6 months ago - 3 minutes read

Today's picture comes courtesy of my lunch.

I could be an influencer on Instagram.

Since I am home by myself, I decided to make a simple, baked potato lunch. My wife normally wraps them in foil before baking, which leaves the insides great, but doesn't have the crispy skin I like. Finns often don't eat the skin, which is crazy, because it is the best bit, especially with baked potatoes.

As said, it was very simple. Potatoes rubbed with olive oil and salt, baked for about 75 minutes. Sourcream with fresh chopped parsley.

If only everything was so easy.


After using a large chunk to buy Riftwatcher packs, I have been consistently adding back to my SPS stake and just today, was able to get back to the 500K mark.


I "mathed" it so it was a nice round number - because you know... as an influencer - gotta worry about how it looks. No one wants to see ragged numbers.

@relf87 was rhetorically asking himself as to what to do with GLX gains, which like me, has been converted into HIVE. The question was,

do I keep the proceeds as HIVE or SPS?

While a rhetorical question, as an influencer who posts pictures of lunch potatoes, I am qualified to give advice on this and an unlimited number of other topics, whether I have experience with them or not. But in this case, I will speak from my own personal experience and give advice that no one should follow, no matter how influential and motivating my words may be.

PSA: This is not influential advice.

You have been warned.

Okay, so for me, I am likely to keep my proceeds from GLX in HIVE, rather than convert to SPS, at least for the time being. The main reason for this is that I would like to build my hive stake up, as I have used a bit of it over the last year to get further into Splinterlands anyway. I have also used a lot of off-platform holdings too - but I want to replace the HIVE component first.

From an investment perspective, there is probably more immediate upside gain in converting to SPS, especially with the release of LAND coming one day in the near to mid- long- future - probably around Christmas - but not sure which year that will be. Land should provide a much needed sink of some sort for SPS to give reason to hold it, buy it, stake it. SPS has taken a bit of a hammering of late, which is also likely at least attributable to people converting into GLX to take advantage of a higher APR there.

I am too tired to chase APR.

I will kick myself one day, no doubt.

Note: This influencer gig is hard work.

I have been up since morning.

I live in an investment world of instability, where I am never really that sure whether what I hold is going to be Profit or Potato.

It would be good Hive app perhaps, a crypto "Hot or Not".

I am hoping that both Splinterlands and Hive do well, since I am pretty heavily invested in both of them and am planning to at least slowly, keep growing each. When the time of the bull markets roll around (will Land be released by then?), both of these "should" see their potatoiness bake into some profit, but it is all about time when it comes to this for me.

As I don't have the personal bandwidth to optimize my activities each day, week or even month, I just go with the general approach of "the future will be okay - just keep building". It might be a month away, or it might be five years away, but eventually, something will happen. And, the further away it is, the more time there is to collect, adjust, learn and earn along the way and then, when it happens, the amplitude of change can be enormous.

If after a few years of daily drips here and there went through a market run and was suddenly significantly higher value, would you change?

What would change for you?

Even in profit, I'd still be eating baked potato.

Taraz [ Gen1: Hive ]

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