Hive Mindset: Business Owner Versus Investor

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5 months ago - 5 minutes read

We are moving towards a point with Hive where it looks like a paradigm shift must take place, at least mentally.

Cryptocurrency has always been filled with Lambos and Mooning. That was the case for much of the last decade.

Actually, though, it wasn't always like that. The early Bitcoin people were motivated by something more than money. They weren't after price go up. In fact, go back far enough and they couldn't even trade the coin.

Nevertheless, the community was still able to grow. They were able to pursue the idea of freedom, sovereignty, and the potential for a new financial model. None of this had anything to do with becoming a billionaire.

Of course, we saw that quickly diminish as the industry became overrun with the "get rich quick" mindset. We still see this today, or at least the fall out from it. The entry of Wall Street shows the games that people are willing to play. Nothing else matters other than price go up.

With Hive, we are getting to a point where a different mindset is required. Certainly, people profiting financially off the success of what is created cannot be denied as anything other than a good thing. Nevertheless, with it as the primary focus, we are in jeopardy of sabotaging ourselves.


Investor Mindset

Too many are looking at cryptocurrency as an investment. Here is where the foundation already starts to break down.

When one views things through this perspective, the terminology changes completely. The backdrop is not of business but, rather, market dynamics. Suddenly, value is equated to what the market prices something at.

We talk about bulls and bears. People get depressed (or excited) based upon whatever sentiment is most prevalent.

Building is not part of the equation. The sole aim is for the price to go up, regardless of how that happens.

This affects the decision making process. To start, in our society today, it has become very short term. In the equity markets, as an example, most do not look past the present quarter. Discussing where a company might be a year or two from now is not in the cards. The only thing that is of importance is the next announcement detailing whatever metric is of concern. Fail to meet the expectation and everything is going to crap.

We also see antics to try and pump the price. Again, looking at stocks, this often is doing things such as stock buybacks. After all, we are told, that will help the stock price. The market loves these.

The problem is that those screaming for it are never asking if this is the best use of capital. As long as there is a positive impact on price, that is all that matters.

Of course, we have a similar mechanism in cryptocurrency: it is called the token burn.

Hive Needs Business Owners

For years we talked about building on Hive. Looking at oneself as a business is vital. Since our actions are monetized, we can frame things from this perspective.

Also, we are all part of the Hive economy. What we produce has an impact on the overall. Economies are nothing more than the actions of tens of millions of people. Most of them are uncorrelated yet do affect the whole.

Do most business owners care about the value of their business? This is not something they regularly think about. The two times it is important is when they are selling or looking to get a loan. Outside of that, it matters none.

What people in this position are concerned about is growth. What is happening in the business on a regular basis that is moving it forward? Is the customer base growing? Are they entering new markets? Is profitability increasing? What does cashflow look like?

These are business topics. At one point, we could make a case it was what investors were concerned about but no more. Now, it is only price go up.

Hive has to resist this temptation. We are dealing with new technology. That means we are instantly in a long term situation since infrastructure is required. Price moves do not equate to much when looking at this level of things.

Are we making progress in the different projects we are involved with? What is the road map? Is growth taking place?

All of these should have the attention of everyone who is serious about Hive.

Where do we stand now as compared to 6 months or a year ago? And this is not obviously referring to the price of the coin. How have the projects advanced?

The sad reality is most people have the slave mindset. We were reared in a world where the conditioning was to obey and get a job. This was drilled into us from the earliest of our schooling.

Few have the entrepreneur mindset. The idea of working until something is successful is beyond most. Business owners are the only ones who cannot quit. The rest of the company can walk out. The owner, unless it is going under, is tied to it.

Most want to show up, do as little as possible, and be given vast sums of money. We see this all over the business world.

Hive is completely voluntary. It is also an opportunity that few had in life. Do you want to find the abundance that has always eluded the masses? Cryptocurrency offers that opportunity. For some lucky investors, it is a matter of finding the right coin or token, putting a heap of money in, and riding the wave to riches.

This is not most.

Here on Hive, it is the building that is going to lead to success. The willingness of people to show up each day to do their part is where the massive gains will be made. Hype is a poor component to one's wealth creation. It tends to be very short lived.

Find A Project And Toss Yourself In It

The wonderful aspect of Hive is we see projects all over the place. What is interesting is they all need more people.

This is the opportunity open to everyone. We can see people starting to lay their foundation by immersing themselves in whatever interests them. Since most of these tend to be tokenized, we can look at this as a business opportunity.

Of course, even if they aren't, the fact that they are tied to Hive means we are hopefully enhancing the value of our holdings at that level.

It is a simple yet vital switch in mindset. A business owner is not looking at the value of the company with every tick of the tape. This is what investors do. Instead, the former is focused upon long term business plans and increasing value over time.

This should be the goal of everyone associated with Hive. In the end, it is what builds a sustainable entity.

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