LeoThreads: Containers To Create Knowledge Centers

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One of the interesting things about LeoThreads is the versatility that it brings. Most are using it simply to share links to their posts yet this is just scratching the service. With some creativity, we can find different ways to incorporate LeoThreads as a tool that can make what is posted on here more valuable.

The other day, I wrote about an article @edicted regarding information regarding the banking and financial system.

This came out in the form of this:

Bascially I decided it would be best to combine LeoGlossary with LeoThreads. This is the basis of this article.

Before getting into that, we have to realize how valuable Hive is as a decentralized database. This is something that can be accessed by anyone on here. LeoGlossary is a proof of concept to show how glossaries or [databaseshttps://leofinance.io/@leoglossary/leoglossary-database can be built around any topic.

Now we are going to take it to another level.

LeoThreads Container

There are a couple ways to put forth information on Hive. The first is long form content which is what LeoGlossary utilizes. Another is microblogging as used by LeoThreads.

So how do we go about creating an information center on LeoThreads?

It all starts with a contrainer, which is the top end Threads. Here is what I set up.


Once we have the top end thread (contrainer) set up, then we need to do a Threadstorm. This is a "post" that is a threads followed by comments answering that threads.

Here is one I created on National Debt.


As we can see, there are 12 different "comments" added to this Threadstorm.

After that, the link from the Threadstorm is placed in the container.


Here we see there are two Threadstorms in this container. Over time, more will be added. The best part is there is a link that now can be sent out on other social media platforms.


One of the keys to Leofinance is sharing the information we already created. LeoGlossary is a project that is about 9 months old. We are continually adding to the project as a way to provide a repository of information.

How does this tie into LeoThreads and containers?

It is rather simple. Going back to the National Debt thread, if we open it up fully, this is what we see.


The last entry (thread) is the one linking to the LeoGlossary page for National Debt.

This can be incorporated to any Threadstorm that is related to the long form Leofinance subjects. It is a way to enhance the knowledge and information we are conveying.

LeoThreads Is General Use

This concept could be used for any subject since LeoThreads is general purpose. Imagine if someone used this to put together tutorials on photography. How about reciptes? Films and television shows? Sports information? What if there was a contrainer of poems?

The possibilities are near endless.

One of the goals is to increase activity on LeoThreads. By filling it with useful information, we can enhance the value of this as a repository.

Future Promotion of LeoThreads

In the future, we can use this information to promote LeoThreads. The best way to do this is by placing it in front of people without being overt about it. With these links, that are to valuable information, we can add to discussion on Web 2.0 platforms.

This is another feature that could be built into the front end. Just like with a place to schedule Threadcasts, we could have Threadstorm containers posted. This will allow for easier finding of the information.

Consider the amount of traffic we could drive to LeoThreads if there were hundreds of contrained with information in them. As people engage on Facebook or Twitter, they could drop links to Threadstorms that apply to the conversations taking place. If it even brings one or two people over to read it, this could stimulate some interest.

Like anything, we are dealing with a numbers game. A few of these is not going to do very much. However, if we have hundreds, suddenly there is enough information to make some noise with.

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