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Just try to get 16 witnesses to agree on anything. It is damn near impossible.

So to think that something like you pose would be agreed to is absurd. It will not happen.

If it did, those against it could fork, and remove those witnesses from the new airdrop.

Either way, there is protection in place.

So even in the scenario where you'd actually want the network to take someone's funds away, it was very difficult, and the naysayer pop in to and act like anyone could have their money stolen from them because Steemit-Inc had their premine taken away (that wasn't even acquired fairly to begin with).

Actually nobody took away the premine from Steemit. As far as I know, Sun still owns all that STEEM unless he sold it.

It is true he didnt get any Hive dropped to him but that is not stealing when he never had it in the first place. When people fork they can choose to drop to whomever they want. The Witness could have forked Steem and given themselves all the new Hive and nothing for the rest of us. It wouldnt have been smart but if that was their choice, nothing we could do about it.

Cant steal something from me that I dont have (or never had).

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