RE: RE: Hive Showing How Not Everything In Cryptocurrency Is Going To Be Decentralized

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8 months ago - 1 minutes read

Even though the one big difference between Hive's system and other POS systems is that that 21st spot is rotated out, but, how much of a difference does that really make in the grand scheme of things?

There is another point that I think is very important.

The consensus witnesses all get the same number of blocks, regardless of the vote. As long as one is in the top 20, it gets the same as the #1 spot.

With Ethereum, the one with 70% of the stake has a 70% chance to get the block. Over time, the law of averages means that one is going to get the bulk of the block production, hence being the pool that controls the system.

With Hive, even Blocktrades gets a block less than 5% of the time.

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