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2 months ago - 3 minutes read

LeoThreads is bringing a great deal to the table. It is a bit slow to get going yet the project team is pushing more updates, bringing new features. However, even with what is here, there are options to really enhance the user experience.

Threadcasts are an idea we discussed in the past. It is a rather simply idea.

The main premise is to start a thread related to a broadcast of some type. Under the thread, participants comment during the broadcast. This can be anything from a live stream about cryptocurrency to a sporting event. It could even be done during an episode of a popular television program.

So far the results were fairly spotty. Today was a day where some success was achieved. In spite of a few issues on the end of one, it was successful.

Here is a Threadcast that was put together for the NY Mets-Miami Marlins opening day baseball game. This was a meeting of @jimmy.adames and myself.

As you can see, there were 143 threads in this Threadcast. It was just the two of us, yet we were able to achieve a decent amount of engagement.

Obviously this single Threadcast isn't a game changer. That said, the concept is proving itself. What is there were a number of these each day? We are talking about the engagement of two people. How would the numbers look with half a dozen people discussing the events of, say, a major football game?

To go one step further, what if there were 10 or 15 Threadcasts per day? After all, arent there a number of different livestreams tied to Hive each day? We know many people do shows which could help to bring engagement between the streamers and the audience.

We all know the popularity of Discord. He is a prime example of how the tools are showing up to do things on-chain.

Threadcast Schedule

On a number of occasions, I mentioned the idea of creating a Threadcast schedule. How would this look?

Let us say that a show goes on air at 8 pm. Someone could post the Threadcast in the schedule during the day. Everyone would see the broadcast goes live at 8 with the associated Threadcast. The presenters could post the links to the livestream in the Threadcast so people could find it.

This would also give the audience the opportunity to look at what is happening. Think of it similar to a television schedule. One could look and see the basket weaving livestream starts at 7 pm and to join the Threadcast for that show.

Must Have Threadcast

Could Threadcasts get to the point where any episode on Hive required one? Is it possible to get to the point where anyone doing any livestreaming relating to Hive is pushed by the community to start a Threadcast?

The answer to this is unclear. However, if you think about all the activities we engage in, a "meeting room" such as this helps to enhance the experience. I can speak about that with the game mentioned above. The conversation with a fan such as myself made the experience better. Of course, it we have a few other dedicated fans in the Threadcast would have taken it to another level.

Activity on LeoThreads is important. As opposed to spamming the feeds with posts, this is a way to separate the content and focus it to those who are interested. Naturally, as this activity was taking place, the rest of LeoThreads was oblivious to it. None of it was on their feeds since we were in the Threadcast.

As an aside, scrolling through the LeoThreads feed, here is what I came across.

The point is these can increase in number along with the people who are participating. As presenters get accustomed to working with Threadcasts, we could see the activity increasing.

With a schedule, this could be an intregal part of LeoThreads. Imagine a time when there are dozens of Threadcasts per day.

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