Days Gone: Lost My Bike And Dealing With Lurkers

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Whatsup Gamers And Hivers

In the last episode of Days Gone I had some things that needed doing, Boozer was burnt up badly with third degree burns all over his arm and needed some high tier medical aid of which I had absolutely no idea where I would find it. This happened while we were scouring for bike parts, in particular a fuel pump that was shot to bits by Leon who is no longer alive. I managed to get him back to the safety of our little hideout where he could rest up until I found the medical supplies.

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The Lurkers

As I set out in search of medical supplies for Boozer and hopefully the chance at recovering my motorcycle I noticed someone stalking the hideout. The timing was just right as I only caught a glimpse of him running of in the woods.

Things are getting real sketchy in these woods and as Boozer said we might have to leave and head north, this doesn't sound like a bad idea now.

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Naturally I decided to jump on his trail and follow him back to where ever he might have come from. This was vital as I needed to know if there were more in his group and from what group he might be.

Luckily is was near dusk so I didn't have to be too careful in being seen, the darkness would hide me.

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He eventually stopped at a marauder camp which had five other people camping out, they were clearly up to no good as I over heard him speak to his fellow men that the two guys riding on the same bike earlier were just held up the mountain, and that what we had was rightfully theirs.

I intervened and had to put them all down, Boozer was alone at the camp and I could not let anything happen to him while he was alone and wounded.

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Setting Off To Fix The Motorcycle

After clearing the marauder camp I set off again through the rain and the mud all the while clearing out zomboids. This was especially unpleasant as it was getting dark very quickly and with poor visibility and sloppy mud beneath my feet it was harder to kill those pesky creatures!

I eventually came down on where I left my bike but as I came down the hill I noticed that the branches I used to cover my motorcycle were all scattered around and it became clear that my motorcycle was no longer where I left it.

Was I being followed this whole time?

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Again I hit a stroke of luck! I saw one of Copeland's men hiding behind a car and when he saw that I saw him he started bolting back to Copeland's Camp.

He wouldn't stop running so when I catch up to him I would just have to put him out.

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Copeland's Camp

Unfortunately I didn't make it in time, the runner was already safely in Copeland's Camp but they were fortunate enough to let me into the camp as well.

Perhaps I can have a few words with a few of the men here and find out what happened to my damn motorcycle!

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As luck would have it I found a guy named Manny who coincidentally has a tore down motorcycle on his bench, one that looks a lot like the one I was riding, of course playing it cool I started asking questions about the motorcycle and it turns out he was all willing to spill his mouth.

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He already parted my motorcycle out so getting it back was out of the question, my motorcycle parts are now fitted on a whole bunch of other one's. A error that he would have to fix as soon as possible.

A man's bike is like a man's Betty you don't share it and what he did was just that!

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To Manny's luck Copeland interrupted my little conversation with Manny and as it turns out he had more important business to conduct and some of it revolved around poor old dead Leon.

With a slight hint of a threat he told me that if I were to find what Leon stashed I was to bring it straight to him, no one else. This makes me wonder even more what might be hidden in Leon's stash.

I must plan a visit to the graveyard real soon.

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And Yes Copeland is well aware of the fact that Leon is no longer alive and with us. So I suppose I might just have to play with his bidding... For now.

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After the little confrontation talk with Copeland I went back down to resume with what needed done and in that moment Manny stopped me to tell me he slapped together a motorcycle which I can use to get around for now.

He also promised me that he would get me proper parts again to rebuild my own drifter motorcycle, well everything except the custom fuel tank that I got from the wife that has passed.

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Getting Medical Supplies For Boozer

Well now that I've got a motorcycle to drive around with, I went to the nearest NERO station in search of sterilized bandages for Boozer he would need something of the sorts for that arm of his. The longer it's out of action the more danger I can find myself in and I need him now more than ever.

Upon arrival I found that the station was locked, of course I should have expected it. To my luck the old generator was still in place and most likely working so I grabbed a jerry can and filled it up and tried starting it, it took a while to take but when it took it fired right up.

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Inside the NERO station I got exactly what I needed and a little more, a injector that would increase my health partially and a few bullets to add to my arsenal.

Always a bonus when you find more than you bargained for.

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But I had other problems rising in the wind now, the moment I started the generator to power the doors for the NERO station the speakers went booming with emergency messages.

Now of-course they can be shut off but they already made so much noise that would attract zomboids from every direction.

Dealing with this would prove critical!

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Once I got the supplies I headed straight back to Boozer but I got worried real bad because he didn't answer me over the radio. I hope he wasn't attack by the rippers while asleep.

Screenshot 2023-03-26 151153.png

At first when I got back up the tower I thought Boozer was not with us anymore. And to be honest I even got sad in real life! I thought that he was gone and I would be playing in this world all alone!

Screenshot 2023-03-26 151400.png

Screenshot 2023-03-26 151332.png

It turns out the man was just out ice cold in dreamland. He almost blew my head off while trying to wake him up.

It could have gone south real fast!

With that said, I don't know what the game holds in store for me but if anything I really hope Boozer doesn't die at some point in the game!

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Until the next episode! Keep on gaming like you've only got one life left!


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