Days Gone: Chasing Leon And Saving Boozer

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Well Hello There Fellow Gamers And Hivers

The time has come! Since I finished For Honor I was on the lookout for something new, something different and I went on Steam to scour the market for a game that I feel I would actually enjoy!

And so I found Days Gone a game that I saw a couple of years back and then scrolling through Hive I saw someone sharing a few posts on the game and when I saw them I was instantly craving the game, to my luck I was able to pick it up on Steam for a mere $12 US. It was on a 67% sale, a discount that I was not going to let slide so I bought it earlier this week and now that I've done the download and have the time I am going to jump right into this gem of a survival game!

The game starts of in a sort of a past tense where you have to take care of your sister that has been stabbed by some kid with a knife, you'd think kids are innocent but they can land you in a heap of trouble, trouble not needed in times of a zombie apocalypse.

Luckily there was still choppers available for Sarah and getting her on one was Deacon's primary objective.

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Deacon decided to stay behind with Boozer since he was injured and he won't be able to survive without him and the helicopter only had space for two persons.

I am assuming that we would try and catch up with Sarah at the refugee camp.

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2 Years Later

It would seems things didn't work out as planned 2 years ago, at this point I am assuming that Sarah is all but dead, this is only an assumption I have no idea where the game would lead but it's clear that Deacon and Boozer are not chasing after Sarah.

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Right after starting the game I was thrown into the action, I am assuming this is somewhat how it should be since if a zombie apocalypse is ever going to occur you will be thrown right into the action within a moments notice.

The sad part about all of this is the fact that the zombies aren't the only threat in the game, the bigger threat would be survivors trying to kill you for the loot you carry.

Betrayal seems like something far more dangerous.

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The very first mission was to track down Leon who beated Alvarez to near death and left her tied up. She didn't make it ofcourse we were far too late.

What we could do was avenge her death and chase down Leon.

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Chasing him down didn't prove much of an effort at all. What I was more surprised about is the insane mechanics in the game, the ability to drive the bike and over any terrain with the correct physics being portrayed. The ability to craft bandages and molotov's. This is definitely a game that I am going to enjoy through and through. What I am somewhat sad about is that it looks like the game is bordered I can't go where I please and I have to somewhat follow the story line.

But I am not yet sure, either or it's going to be fun!

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After being thrown into a wild chase the very moment I started the game I decided to take a breather after chasing down Leon too enjoy the absolutely beautiful environment.

And yeah it's not even being played on high graphics, I used the optimizer in NVIDIA control panel so I am assuming most of everything is set to low or lower graphics but even so it's still such a beautifully built game.

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What I didn't expect is for the combat to be so complicated, well it's manageable but you can jump roll and duck all those fun things combined in a knife fight. This makes it so much more realistic and adds to the surviving feeling of the game ALOT.

Certainly well done!

Another thing I noticed was that all the enemies wont necessarily have guns to shoot you with so from time to time hand to hand combat will be motivated.

Screenshot 2023-03-25 111944.png

Along with the threat of both people and the zombies and I am assuming the general environment, I won't be surprised if I cross some forest and a bear decides to attack me.


With all that there seems to be a deeper emotional connection in this game, while driving in search for motorcycle parts that I would need to fix the ride Deacon and Boozer came across a tunnel and well we all know within tunnels there are always the danger of running into zombies, which was the case. So it was decided that Deacon would take point and clear a path for Boozer who was on the motorcycle treading slowly behind.

At some point Deacon went rampage on a dead zombie, continuously beating an already dead zombie. It gt so bad that Boozer had to get off the bike to try and calm Deacon down. A move that I expected from Deacon and not from Boozer.

Screenshot 2023-03-25 112043.png

Now whenever I see ravens in the sky I automatically know that the dead are walking at that place. This is exactly what awaited us at the garage where we were supposed to scour for parts!

Who would have thought!

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The place was scoured with zombies of all sorts, what added to the freak show was the fact that there were these kid zombies who were jumping on the rooftops and seemed to avoid conflict unless you invaded their space or if you were low on health, somewhat as if they had sense in them.

Real freaky if you ask me.

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Deacon and Boozer had a plan though, in this world not having a plan meant dying so a plan was always at hand.

This was that Boozer would drive the bike through and attract as many zombies as he possibly can, then I would try to sneak in slay a few zombies and get the parts we needed and then ultimately fall back.

A brilliant plan, but not one that accounted for interference from still alive and well humans. The well part can be questioned.

Screenshot 2023-03-25 112938.png

As soon as I got the parts needed for the motorcycle some people they call Rippers attacked Boozer who was waiting on the other side of the town. I should have known something was about to go sideways and sideways it went!

These rippers appear to be humans who have slightly lost their minds one way or another, the scum of the society that remained.

Of course a simple bullet to the head can solve a lot of problems.

Screenshot 2023-03-25 113712.png

These mad men are now going to be some food for the zombies.

Although they are dead now they did really bad damage to Boozer's arm with a blow torch, he was not in any state to drive the motorcycle back to safety so I had to step in. But the problem remained that Boozer needed dire medical attention!

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Once I was able to get Boozer safely back to the safehouse I was now able to move out and find supplies that would help Boozer heal up. Time was of the essence we had a lot to do and mostly everything that needs doing would require Boozer to be at my side.

So for now the motorcycle would have to wait a few while we got Boozer patched up again!

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Okay once again I have to apologize. The video was the incorrect resolution and I didn't even notice it until after I made the recording. Laughs but here it is anyways!

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