Days Gone: Reclaiming The Radio Tower

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Well Hello There Fellow Gamers And Hivers

In the previous episode of Days Gone I managed to find supplies for Boozer at a NERO checkpoint, of course the check points are no longer active since society has all but collapsed, but a few remains locked and full of supplies. I was also somewhat forced to do some things for Copeland when I went to his camp to question some folks about the where abouts of my motorcycle, which was parted out for other "bikers." Sadly nothing I can do about that now. Manny gave me some crappy bike to ride and well if it's all I have I'll just have to deal with it I suppose.

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Still Hitting It Solo

Boozer's arm won't be magically healed now that he got the right medical treatment, it would still take some time for the man to heal up properly to do what needs done in those tight and sticky situations.

So for now you rest up Boozer, Deeks got this.

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Abiding By Copeland's Requests

I decided to do as Copeland asked and check out what was the situation at the radio tower just down the hill from where the safe house was. Even though it was less than 500 meters away I still decided to jump on the new acquired shitcycle from Manny and head down to the tower, that way I could always plan a fast escape if needed.

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I'm still getting used to the driving mechanics of the game and they seem so much more sensitive when slogging through the rain and mud and that with a harley type of bike... I am for sure bound to cause a accident sooner or later.

While on my way to the radio tower Copeland thought it wise to inform me that these men that broke away from their camp had a few automatic weapons and rifles. Sheesh Copeland didn't think to warn me about that before hand so I could better equip myself for a hard battle?

It seems that Copeland might just want me dead after all.

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I might have ventured a little too close with the motorbike, I think they heard the noises because the moment I jumped off they were running in my general direction, although I do think that I might have still caught them off guard as I managed to slap a few of the guys in the face with the crossbow.

Screenshot 2023-03-27 212923.png

I managed to put down about seven of the men stationed at the radio tower when out of the blue a wolf jumped me, I barely managed to get out alive and I would have for sure been dead meat if I didn't clear the guards at the front gates so quickly.

Luckily Old Deeks got this, nothing that I haven't conquered before and now I can perhaps make myself a wolf skin hide.

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Since I was outnumbered one to ten I made sure to take my time entering the radio tower's grounds, one wrong move and Boozer would be boozing without old Deeks. Yeah thanks Copeland you really stacked the odds against me over here.

But if I am the only one scrapping these trouble makers I would say I'll be going home with a rugsack full of loot all for myself!

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At first I didn't see the last two hiding anywhere so I made my way up to some high ground where I would have some kind of advantage to say the least, in truth I almost had my head blown up top but as soon as they gave away their positions it was tickets for them.

Patience is key in sticky situations.

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Getting On With The Job

Once I cleared the radio tower ground I was now able to see what exactly happened to the generator.

As always these bandits have to shoot everything to bits, I had some repair work that needed done, luckily nothing major, perhaps if they were better shots I might have had a challenge in fixing this generator.

Screenshot 2023-03-27 214523.png

Low and behold it's old Deeks day of luck!

Well third time is the charm as they say one more stroke and I might be out and cold in the sloppy mud.

While starting the generator up to power the radio tower I was caught off guard once again and this time by a woman.

Screenshot 2023-03-27 214610.png

Now I have a rule, I don't kill woman if I have a choice and in those words I asked her "Do I have a choice?"

Of course I had a choice and only because she was out of bullets, otherwise Deeks would be no more.

Boozer wasn't happy about it either, as he said one of these days my code would have me end up in a ditch.

Screenshot 2023-03-27 214648.png

After I've hit my streak of bad lucks I was able to hit a little bit of fortune heading my way.

I discovered a hidden bunker below the radio tower, now why this would be here I have no clue, almost as if the radio tower constructors knew some shit was bound to go down in the future. 😂

Now I do like this a lot since it's sort of a safe place where I can come and hide and if need be rest and camp out for a while.

Screenshot 2023-03-27 220650.png

I did take my time in clearing it out since I had no idea if someone was perhaps hiding out below, but it seems not.

Screenshot 2023-03-27 220855.png

While I was down in the bunker I took a short nap and got woken by Boozer asking me if I heard gunshots. I didn't, well because I was down below ground but this made me worry a little bit and I had to climb out the tower to see if I was able to see where it might have come from.

I did, I saw some smoke from a camp fire just below the mountain from where Boozer was and I informed him. As we all know Boozer by now he wanted to get up and see what was going on but I managed to convince him not to do anything, yet.

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Since they were that close to Boozer I had to act fast, real fast... I grabbed some fuel and filled up the motorbike and went about stacking up on supplies and ammo that was still scattered around the radio tower.

I might have to come back at some point since I wasn't able to grab everything.

Screenshot 2023-03-28 212138.png

In the cover of darkness I made my way closer to where I saw the smoke rising from the trees.

I might have to wait it out till day break before making a move, the problem is I have no idea if these people are friendly or not, but I will be heading in assuming that they are not friendly at all.

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Until the next episode! Keep on gaming like you've only got one life left!

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