These Damn Doggers, The Gains And Losses Of The Hobbies I Have

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Well Hello There Fellow Hobbyists And Hivers!

It has been far too long since I have done a update on my Hot Wheels collection! Now this post won't revolve around just that. As happy as I am that my Hot Wheels is growing fast I am even more sad about some events that occurred in my life which revolves around another hobby that I have and that is reading, but we shall get to that real soon!

For now let's dive into the new Hot Wheels that I got!

I've started with a couple of collections so far in the Hot Wheels series but it's hard to finish one collection before starting the next one due to the fact that you don't always find what you want in the collection. Troubling I know because each year they bring out a new vehicles in the same collections. Now they do state on their website that if you have 1-5 of the 2022 collection and then get 6-10 of the 2023 collection it is still seen as a full set of the collection by Hot Wheels.

The problem with this is that what if I already have 10/10 of the collection and I find three more in the same collection that I like... well I will of course be forced to buy it.

But I suppose we will cross that bridge when we get there.

I have three collections started so far which are, Factory Fresh, HW Hatchbacks and my most favourite HW JDM Imports.

Yeah true spec JDM fan over here!

Adding To The Collection

I have two more Hot Wheels that would be added to the Factory Fresh collection this would mean that I now have a total of 3/10 for the Factory Fresh collection.

From the series: Factory Fresh

Vehicle: Nissan Z Pronto

Colour: White with a black roof

Number in collection: 5/10



From the series: Factory Fresh

Vehicle: 2020 Jaguar F-Type

Colour: Blue

Number in collection: 1/10



Now For The Sad Part

Have you ever heard someone say they got their homework eaten by the dog?

Well I've not yet heard it but if ever I do... I would without a doubt believe that person with all my heart even if he is a blatant LIAR!

Okay so I didn't have my homework eaten by dogs BUT I did get something of extreme value eaten by a dogger of the mums the other day!

One of the books in my Game of Thrones collection got absolutely wrecked!

It's the second book of the series and thank fuck I didn't have the whole book set in that room otherwise I might have shot a dog (Don't believe that I would never have and never will) but still it's a crappy feeling come home to find the book you paid a few bucks for got torn apart. Along with a headset (But that's not as bad, I got over that quickly.)

Now the thing is I still look at the book everyday since I am still reading it so perhaps I am still upset because I am reminded of what happened everyday and well yeah somehow it is my own fault since I didn't close the door to my room and the dog was free to do as she pleased.

No doubt a lesson learned the hard way.


The damage isn't really that bad I just wish that the books front cover was still intact, but oh well.

I lost a page in the conundrum, now I've already read that part but there are people that wants to read the book after me and it's sad to say that they will be left in the dark but only a little!

Now that was the worst of the damage!


Along with a page lost or well half a page but actually a page because it's another half on the back side of the page as well.

I have a partial section that has the corners ripped out, and yeah believe as much as people say yeah but one can assume what is being said... Do you know what I have to say to that?

NO and NO again.. you can not assume this. You didn't write the book, your assumptions of what was being said doesn't make it so... It's almost like the gender problem our society faces today... You can believe that you are something but it doesn't make it so!

Period and full stop.


Now looking at these marks on the outside of the book it would seem that as she dove deeper into eating my frikkin book I think the mums perhaps caught her, to my luck!

I could have gotten home to a completely ripped apart book, but at the end of the day it doesn't really matter to me at all the book is still a waste and now I have this craving burning inside me to go out and buy a new one.

Am I mad for this?

Perhaps, but I am going to read the books again once I've completed it all. There's always some stuff that was missread and it can make certain stuff a little bit clearer. Oh and why not? I'll be having them for the rest of my life I might as well give it another read through when I have nothing better to do with my time.


Dated 27/03/2023

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