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Teikn reward for joining and checking aspire

What is Aspire?

Aspire is revolutionary asset solution platform designed to allow users to easily create their own digital assets under a secure environment that is extremely affordable and quick.

Aspire was created to offer an efficient and alternative solution to the current asset platforms like Counterparty, RavenCoin, and Ethereum. These other platforms have proven to be expensive and in many ways deficient for asset deployment.

Create free wallet at aspirewallet

Comment reply with your aspire wallet address for teikn reward and some ASP!

Check out ASPire Asset Solution Platform website to learn more.

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Introducing "gAsp"

Exchange symbol "GASP"

Aspire was built to run on it's own dedicated core blockchain with gas coin known as "GASP". By allowing Aspire to run on the gAsp blockchain, Aspire has improved three major components, speed, security, and cost efficiency when creating and sending digital assets. Every action or transaction performed on Aspire will require a small amount of "GASP".

Cost Effective Asset Transactions

Aspire uses very small fractions of GASP for all transactions of digital tokens/assets sent on the Aspire network. gAsp currently charges 1 satoshi per byte when creating a transaction. These low fees allow for 1000's of transactions with a single GASP, thus creating an extremely cost effective way for sending small or large amounts of assets/tokens. Aspire is far more affordable than that of Counterparty, Maidsafe, Omni, Ethereum, RavenCoin, NEO, or any other digital asset platform.

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