November HPUD: Review of HP Goals

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7 months ago - 2 minutes read

Exactly a month ago, I did my first Power Up, and consequently, that day was my first Hive Power Up Day (HPUD). For those who do not know what the Hive Power Up Day (HPUD) entails, It is basically a day – usually the first day of every month – when Hive users power up their Hive. And powering up means you convert your Hive tokens to Hive Power (HP). You can check Hivebuzz’s post on HPUD.

In my last PUD post, I mentioned I had a goal of getting my HP sums up to 800 before the year ends. And I projected that a 100HP per month would help me hit my target. Very well, let me bring to you my stats for the past month. The chart here shows the rate of account growth in terms of HP.

Screenshot 363.png

At the moment before my Power Up today, I had a total of 548 HP, which equates to an increase of exactly 100HP in one month. I believe I was able to beat that due to the fact that I powered up most of my posts and sacrifice the HBD rewards. If not, it won't have come easy.

November PUD

Honestly, due to the volume of work at hand, I almost forgot that today was PUD. Not until I wanted to check hive stats for the current price of HBD to perform a transaction. So, I powered up half of my Hive tokens. Why not all, you ask? Actually, I decided to take just 5 Hive because I wanted the rewards on my posts to form the main chunk of the HP. Also, just to keep some Hive tokens just in case of anything. Right now, my HP stands at 553HP. We are moving...

Screenshot 365.png

I seriously hope that I will still beat my goals hands down now that school has resumed but I believe only more smart efforts will suffice.


However, I have not been able to do my research on those tokens due to my workload at hand. Even written posts on Hive I have not done for some days now. But I should definitely offset them before mid-November.

Lastly, I have been enjoying using the @ecency frontend to write blogs and for engagements, my love for @peakd still remains but is limited to performing transactions.

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