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and dumping the traditional idea of quality content as held by many?

I want to believe this does not mean having contents that are not of quality. Although, for me I believe any content that lacks plagiarism amd errors, has the minimum quality rate already.

how many people can boast of having rich knowledge of them?

Exactly!!, breaking tables, at times some newbie like us get oppressed.

These people are on the leofinance, watching and reading the sophistication of bonding, adding liquidity, DeFi and so many other jargons, while they're finance enthusiasts, this generally gives the impression that's it's "LEOCRYPTO" rather than Leofinance

Oh my! Boss @joseddicus you are capturing a lot in one post. The rate at which I see more crypto-related posts than others will make one think this is leocrypto like you said. And most times most can not even related to it due to the jargons it entail.

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