Coin market Cap Diamonds💎💎

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@temisaren4 months ago
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Coupled with the fact that I'm still a newbie at a lot of things shows that I really need to the more research for myself , listen to crypto gurus as they chitchat or gossip and pick passing information in everything they say is really a great way to start my journey , I just want to make money but still been patient and let everything come to me on step at a time. Well I gained this information from a gossip , maybe I was eavesdropping a little. Nevertheless I figured out that you could actually earn NFT and sell by collecting daily diamond rewards from the coin market app. It's super easy and frustrating here's why 1. Never Miss A Day : the rules are simple alway login to the app and collect on a daily basis so that you don't loss out on you progress , the moment you miss out on a day you start all over again and that's really a sad thing as you loos the chance on growth . So your consistency should come at a higher voltage to see quick progress. 2. There Not Always An NFt: most times you have the amount of coins available at hand but still no NFt on display to buy which can really he sad annoying . You always have to be vigilant and alert in other not to miss out a mouth watering NFt . Sold out is usually the order of the day which is a little heart break-in. Well I'll go and explore the coin market app and see what other things it could be used for , please do well to leave a comment and tell me what you think the app could be used for. And also help with some new ways to making money on the crypto space thank you 🥰🥰🥰 @temisaren